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Dr Botha Dr Zandré Botha: Post Covid Jab Protocol's: Before and After (Aug 6 2022)

  • Numerous studies have shown that Ivermectin (IVM) [190] and Hydroxy-chloroquine (HCQ) are effective for prophylaxis and treatment, but have been forbidden (by those who profit from the injections). Dr Peter McCullough, at Senate Hearing, with senator Johnson, exposes this: Two fraudulent papers causing damage to the reputation of HCQ were published in the Lancet, and then withdrawn within 2 weeks. [47, 27]

  • Dr Pierre Kory, Associate Professor of Medicine at St Luke’s Aurora Medical Center (US) delivers a passionate testimony during the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee on effective prophylaxis and outpatient treatments with IVM (Dec 2020), quoting success trials in several countries. [47, 56]

  • Dr Pierre Kory, on Nov 21, 2021, cites report from Tokyo Medical Association, from Aug 13, 2021: The COVID-19 Hospitalisation patients went from 50,000 to 0 in 2 months, with the use of IVM. [57]

  • Dr Brian M Tyson, MD uses IVM And Other Medicines On 6,000 Covid Patients With Only 4 Hospitalizations [172]

  • Dr Paul Marik, the most highly published Critical Care Intensivist in the world is being prohibited from giving his critically ill ICU patients the medicines in the MATH+ Protocol [54, 55] he believes will save their lives, for which mountains of scientific evidence exists. He sued, obtained a temporary restraining order against the Sentara Hospital System (Virginia, US), and saved his patients. [53] Components in the MATH+ protocol include corticosteroids, ascorbic acid, heparin, statins, Vitamin D, melatonin. [55]

  • Japanese doctor quotes a new report from Dr Marcus Sircus, from Federal University of Acre, Brazil, which states that the effect of COVID can be attenuated by 10 times, by changing the body’s acidity to pH 6.0, through nebulisation with 3 grams of sodium bicarbonate in 100 ml of water. He also suggests gargling and nose washes with soda bicarbonate dilution. Viral infections are unanimously sensitive to pH changes. The simple alcalinisation of the blood reduces the cells’ susceptibility to viruses. [208, 209]

  • In India, the state of Uttar Pradesh, the most densely populated state, with 290 million people, is free of COVID, thanks to the use of IVM. [26]

  • India, Nigeria, Madagascar, show successes. India, with IVM, and HCQ. Nigeria is using antimalarials. Madagascar is using Artemisin. [118]

  • The best treatment is prevention: enhance your immune system. Dr Zelenko’s protocol recommends over-the-counter medications including Vitamin-C, Zinc, Vitamin-D (exposure to the Sun), Quercetin (for cell health), Betadine gargles for clearing your throat of potential virus loads. [39]

  • Dr Ryan Cole talks about COVID-19, the importance of Vitamin-D. The virus is fragile and is inactivated by sunlight and ventilation. It is insanity to wear a mask outside. mRNA Bioweapon, Ivermectin. [112]

  • Dr Zelenko’s paper discusses successful COVID-19 outpatient treatment with Zinc, azithromycin and HCQ. Of 141 treated patients, 4 (2.8%) were hospitalised, which was significantly fewer (P < 0.001) compared with 58 (15.4%) of 377 untreated patients [oddsratio(OR)=0.16, 95%confidenceinterval(CI)0.06-0.5]. No cardiac side-effects were observed. [38]

  • The natural immune system is stronger and better than immunisation from vaccines.

  • People who already had COVID do not require an injection because they have acquired natural immunity.