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Karen Kingston Karen Kingston: Monkeypox, VAIDS, WHO Global Enslavement & Future Lockdowns (May 24 2022)
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Attorney Todd Callender Attorney Todd Callender: Vaccinated People Received Aids / Agenda 21 (Apr 5 2022)
VAIDS VAIDS: The Perfect Genocide (Apr 4 2022)
Dr Tenpenny Dr Sherrie Tenpenny: Vax Induced AIDS (Apr 1 2022)

  • Attorney Todd Callender: Vaccinated People Received Aids / Agenda 21 (Apr 5 2022) [651]
  • VAIDS: The Perfect Genocide (Apr 4 2022) [669]
  • Dr Tenpenny: By the end of 2022, everyone who received the 2nd mRNA shot will have Vaccine-Induced AIDS (Apr 1 2022) [640]
  • Dr. Vladimir Zelenko – NWO, The Real Agenda, VAIDS & How to Battle What is Coming (Mar 23 2022) [597]
  • Dr McDowell: COVID-19 is a Bioweapon, They Put HIV/AIDS in it & it's Designed to Keep Replicating Over 180+ Variants (Feb 15 2022) [518]
  • Dr Zelenko: "The Covid-19 Vaccines Cause AIDS" (Jan 11 2022) [313]
  • Dr Zelenko: The Vaccines Destroy the Immune System Making the Vaccinated Like AIDS Patients (Jan 8 2022) [303]
  • Fauci Patent And Vaxxed Induced Aids: Karen Kingston Interviewed By Stew Peters (Dec 10 2021) [193]

HIV Symptoms

Karen Kingston, former Pfizer employee and biotech analyst, in an interview by Stew Peters revealed the following: [193]

  • There is evidence that the “vaccines” are whipping out people’s immune systems and causing them to develop HIV symptoms.

  • The evidence of the symptoms:

    • A study in Tel-Aviv of 460 patients that had rheumatic disease, like arthritis, and they have never had Herpes before; within 2 days to 2 weeks after the first or second dose, a percentage of them has developed Herpes. None in the placebo group. [195]
    • Herpes is one of the first signs of a depleted immune system. And the most common symptom of HIV today is Kaposi sarcoma associated herpes (KSHV), a type of skin lesion or cancer around the mouth, which lots of nurses are noticing in vaccinated people.
    • In VAERS there’re over 10,000 cases of Shingles (Herpes zoster). [196]
    • Other symptoms are having opportunistic infections, such as respiratory infections, HIV, Mycobacterium avium complex (MAC), caused from the excrement from worms.
    • Depletion in CD4 counts (a type of white blood cells, a subset of T cells), relevant in HIV diagnosis.
  • The evidence that the spike protein contains HIV glyco-protein (gp) 120:

    • the codon, the genetic sequence, for HIV gp120, is in the spike protein, and it’s called “double CGG”. WSJ reports on this suggesting a Wuhan Lab leak. [194] It is not a naturally-occurring genetic code, and scientists put it into chimeric gain-of-function viruses intentionally, as a marker to track other genes.
    • What is alarming is that it was sequenced by scientists in India, and they found 4 insertions of HIV in the spike protein of HIV gp120. [197]
    • HIV gp120 completely depletes your CD4 cells.
    • A study from 2004, by the usual suspects, Harvard, Peking Union Medical College, and Freie Universitat Berlin, took SARS-CoV1, and optimised it for infection and receptor to ACE2 inhibitor, by putting monkey HIV, mouse leukemia codons. By adding HIV gp120 to the corona virus, they made it more receptive to the ACE2 receptors and the CD4 cells, to annihilate them. [198]
    • Anthony Fauci did all the research on CGG and patented it. He paid himself over 11 million dollars in grants for this “HIV envelope (gp120)” research. He owns several patents on this.
  • Stew Peters: “This guy has to go to jail. There are law makers that can do this: Senator Ron Johnson, Senator Rand Paul, they have the ability to get him indicted.”

  • Karen Kingston: “The evidence is there that he is a global genocidal sociopath. He has caused the death of millions of American adults and children, and he also induced auto-immune disease. Whether the corona virus is artificially made or not, children never get infected. The scientists took an isolated virus, encapsulated into a biosphere, added chimeric gain-of-function weaponisation of this virus, injected into human bodies, and told them it was safe and effective. And children who had no chance of getting the infection, got injected with a bioweapon, wipes out their immune system, and develops auto-immune disease. This is nothing more than conspire to aggravated assault and murder.”

  • Stew Peters: “And the boosters, just reduce your immune system more and more.”

  • Karen Kingston: “Just like HIV. Adults are coming down with leukemia, MAC, major neurological disorders.”

  • Stew Peters: “Why are the doctors not coming forward and speaking out?”

  • Karen Kingston: “Two reasons, either they have been ‘financially incentivised’ to do this, or bought-and-paid-for in collaboration in committing a crime (conspiracy) with the WHO. They believe they are safe, and playing god. “

  • Sociopaths don’t get angry, or emotionally upset. In the 1980s Fauci lied to the American people about AIDS. Someone acquired AIDS through a blood transfusion, and Fauci said it was transmitted vertically in a family, promoting discrimination against children of parents with AIDS.

  • JAMA Pedriatrics, August 16th 2021, paper “Yes, Children Can Transmit COVID, but We Need Not Fear”. [199] This article is disgusting. We know children cannot be infected with the virus. They did the same thing in the 1980s with AIDS. This is a repeat out of Fauci’s playbook.