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Mark Steele Mark Steele: How the Injection Cult Can Use 5G to Kill-On-Demand (Mar 29 2023)
Payload - The Killswitch Payload - KillSwitch: The Vax + 5G + AI Connection (Mar 28 2023)
Karen Kingston Karen Kingston: Covid Vax 5G Link + BioSynthetic AI NanoTech (Oct 10 2022)
Karen Kingston Karen Kingston: Mind Control Neuroweapon - The Vaxx Reacts To 5G Towers (Oct 4 2022)
Dr Buttar Dr Rashid A Buttar: Hydrogel in the C19 Injections, Programmed for 5G Activation (Sep 22 2022)
Dr Merrith Dr Lee Merritt: Covid is EMF Poisoning, Nothing to Do with a Transmissible Virus (Sep 15 2022)
LaQuintaColumna La Quinta Columna: NanoTechnology and Routers in the "Vaccines" (Aug 4 2022)
War on Humanity Todd Callender & Dr Peter Chambers: 5G & War on Humanity (Apr 19 2022)