Mike Adams

Mike Adams
Mike Adams White Embalmer Clots Are Self-Assembling Circuits (Aug 20 2022)

Dr Pail Alexander

Dr Paul Alexander
Dr Paul Alexander On Dr Malone, mRNA Technology & Medical Censorship (Jun 9 2023)
Dr Paul Alexander C19 Shots Are Kill Shots. Looking for Accountability (Jan 17 2023)

Dr Phillip Altman

Dr Phillip Altman
Dr Altman The Australian People Have Been Lied To (Nov 10 2022)
Dr Altman The Corruption of the Australian Health Authorities (Apr 5 2022)
Dr Altman COVID Under Question (Mar 24 2022)

Dr Brian Ardis

Dr Brian Ardis
Dr Ardis 36 Animal Venoms Found in C19 Patients (Oct 29 2022)
Dr Ardis Covid is King Cobra Snake Venom ... It's in the Water (Apr 11 2022)

Aussie Cossack

Aussie Cossack
Aussie Cossack Covid Australia, Ukraine, Deep State (Nov 11 2022)

Catherine Austin-Fitts

Catherine Austin-Fitts Topics
Catherine Austin-Fitts Catherine Austin-Fitts: The Great Poisoning (Dec 6 2023), starts @ 1:50
Catherine Austin Fitts
Session 145 Central Controllers Are Destroying Wealth. The B.I.S. @ 04:18:05
Catherine Austin Fitts We're in a War, They're Trying to Kill Us. (Jun 10 2023)
Catherine Austin Fitts You Need a War Strategy (Jun 4 2023)
Catherine Austin Fitts "Plandemic Was Operation To Impose A Global Reset" (May 20 2023)
Catherine Austin Fitts Coup Prepared By Using The WHO (Jan 15 2023)
Catherine Austin Fitts Unraveling the COVID Agenda (Jul 1 2022)

Australian Doctors and Nurses

Australian Doctors
AU Doctors 2 Finally Speak Out - Part 2 (May 23 2022)
AU Doctors Finally Speak Out! A Call to Arms! (May 19 2022)
Australian Nurses
AU Nurse Whistleblowers Covid Vaccine Injuries and Deaths (Jan 02 2023)

Dr Sam & Dr Mark Bailey

Drs Bailey Topics
Dr Sam Bailey Dr Sam Bailey: "A" for "AntiVaxxer" (Dec 17 2023)
Dr Sam Bailey Dr Sam Bailey: Co(N)vid Crackdown - NZ Update (Dec 13 2023)
Dr Mark Bailey Farewell to Virology (Nov 10 2022) [1241]
Dr Sam Bailey Covid Era (Jan 16 2023)
Dr Sam Bailey They're Doing It Again (Nov 22 2022)
Dr Bailey False Gods, "Experts", and the Death of Science. (June 19 2022)
Coppolino The Digital Seduction of C-19 (Jul 9 2022)
Dr Bailey Are Viruses Even A Scientific Theory? (Aug 3 2022)

Dr William Bay

Dr William Bay
Dr Bay Shadow Org Controlling Australian Medical Industry (Nov 4 2022)
Dr Bay No Fear of AHPRA & A Call for More Aussie Doctors! (Aug 4 2022)

Dennis Beheandt

Dennis Beheandt Topics
Dennis Behreandt The Depopulation Death Cult (Dec 28 2023)

Albert Benavides

Albert Benavides Topics
Albert Benavides Albert Benavides: Vaxx Deaths Suppressed by Corrupt VAERS Database (Dec 8 2023)
Albert Benavides Hidden & Lost Data in CDC VAERS Points to Malfeasance (Jul 30 2022)

Ronald Bernard

Ronald Bernard Topics
Ronald Bernard Financial Elite's Darkest Secrets. (May 16 2022)__

Dr Sucharit Bhakdi

Dr Sucharit Bhakdi
Prof Sucharit Bhakdi WHO to Abolish Human Rights to Impose Injections for Money & Power (Nov 12 2023)
Prof Bhakdi Injected Humans Were Genetically Transformed Forever (May 22 2023)
Prof Bhakdi Warning to the World: DNA Plasmids in the LNPs (May 15 2023)
Prof Bhakdi The 3 Goals of the People Who Run the Plandemic (Apr 17 2023)
Prof Bhakdi The Vaccine is the Worst Man-Made Disaster in History (Apr 3 2023)
Prof Bhakdi 'mRNA Vaccines Will Kill You' (Mar 7 2023)
Prof Bhakdi Thai Princess & Deadly COVID Jabs (Feb 22 2023)
Prof Bhakdi News From The Royal Palace in Thailand (Jan 31 2023)
Prof Bhakdi “God Save Us!!!” – World Governments Are Murdering People (Apr 6 2022)

Del Bigtree

Del Bigtree
Del Bigtree Crisis of Trust (Jun 9 2023)
Del Bigtree Thought Police (May 18 2023)
Del Bigtree Information Tsunami (May 5 2023)
Del Bigtree Bodily Autonomy, Medical Freedom and Choice (Apr 21 2023)
Del Bigtree Fight of the Fathers (Apr 14 2023)
The Highwire When Two Universes Collide (Apr 7 2023)
Del Bigtree Never Again. (Jan 27 2023)
Del Bigtree Inside the US Covid Debacle (Aug 19 2022)
Del Bigtree Damar Hamlin's Cardiac Arrest (Jan 06 2023)
Del Bigtree It's Time To Sue Over The Vaccine Mandates (Aug 13 2022)
Del Bigtree Are Anti-vaxxers the Chosen Ones? (Jul 27 2022)

Dr Elena Bishop

Dr Elena Bishop
Dr Elena Bishop NZ Became a Tyranny. Don't Forget Nuremberg (May 19 2023)

Samantha Blanchard

Samantha Blanchard
Samantha Blanchard On Her Film "Silenced & Healing NZ" (Apr 8 2023)

Dr Geert Vanden Bossche

Dr Geert Vanden Bossche
Dr Vanden Bossche Don't Vaccinate Your Children with Covid-Vaccines Ever! (Jan 05 2023)
Dr Vanden Bossche C19 Vax is Dead Sentence for Your Children (Dec 21 2022)

Dr Andrew Bostom

Dr Andrew Bostom
Dr Bostom On Masking, Covid (Apr 6 2022)

Dr Francis Boyle

Dr Francis Boyle
Prof Francis A. Boyle BioWarfare & Terrorism (Jul 28 2023)
Prof Francis Boyle WHO Pandemic Treaty Designed to Exterminate Humanity (Nov 22 2022)
Prof Boyle FDA Engineered Covid-19 At Fort Detrick & UNC Chapel Hill (Apr 12 2023)
Dr Boyle Biological Warfare Towards Biomedical Dictatorship (Jun 9 2022)
Dr Boyle Nazi Biological Warfare in Ukraine Against Russia. (Mar 19 2022)
Dr Boyle Ukraine Biolabs, AUS Doherty Ins, Pentagon, Future Pandemic (Mar 17 2022)

Dr Tau Braun

Dr Tau Braun
Dr Tau Braun Dr Rashid Buttar Was Poisoned (May 25 2023)
Dr Braun This is a Biological Weapon. Mass Killing Agenda Is Opportunistic. (Jun 19 2022)

Dr Byram Bridle]

Dr Byram Bridle] Topics
Dr Byram Bridle

Dr Daniel Broudy

Dr Daniel Broudy
Dr Daniel Broudy The Psychology of Covid-19 Atrocities (Dec 12 2022)

Dr Roxana Bruno

Dr Roxana Bruno
Dr Roxana Bruno Humanity was taken hostage for experimentation. (May 14 2023)

Bro Alexis Bugnolo

Bro Alexis Bugnolo
Bro Bugnolo The Globalist Agenda, Digital Currency & the Catholic Church Takeover (May 5 2023)
Bro Bugnolo Arrest the Criminals Now (Apr 13 2023)
Bro Bugnolo Rise Up Against This Global Conspiracy (Nov 12 2022)
Bro Bugnolo Overcoming Psychopaths & Worldwide Tyranny (Oct 5 2022)
Bro Bugnolo Overcoming Psychopaths and Worldwide Tyranny (Oct 5 2022)
Bro Bugnolo Arrest Them!
Bro Bugnolo Are You Ready For What Will Occur Over The Next 6-12 Months? (Nov 14 2021)

Dr Arne Burckhardt

Dr Arne Burkhardt
Dr Arne Burkhardt "I Would Not Plan Motherhood With a Vaccinated Man" (Feb 25 2023)

Dr Rashid Buttar

Dr Rashid Buttar
Dr Rashid Buttar The CoronaVirus Agenda (May 18 2023)

Prof Dolores Cahill

Prof Dolores Cahill
Prof Dolores Cahill Agenda 21 was Chaos by Design. (Nov 10 2023)
Prof Dolores Cahill Law vs Legal, How the Covid Crime Was Enabled (Apr 23 2023)
Prof Dolores Cahill Law vs Legal (Jun 08 2022)
Prof Dolores Cahill The Law of Medicine (Nov 7 2022)
Prof Cahill All The Injected Will Die Within 3-5 Years (Oct 31 2022)
Prof Dolores Cahill We're In The Mass-Killing Phase of Agenda 21 (Oct 20 2022)
Prof Cahill C19 Vax, the Mark of the Beast (Jul 24 2022)
Prof Cahill All mRNA Injected Die Within 3-5 Years! (May 30 2022)

Dr John Campbell

Dr John Campbell Topics
Dr John Campbell Dr John Campbell: New Brain Virus - BioWeapon - 100% Mortality Rate (Jan 11 2024)
__Dr John Campbell Dr John Campbell: Excess Deaths in 2023 (Nov 2023)
Dr Campbell Dr John Campbell: Heart Deaths (Dec 27 2023)
Dr John Campbell Discussing Human Trafficking (Sep 13 2023)
Dr John Campbell Code - Doctors on Trial (Sep 14 2023)
Dr John Campbell & Dr Jessica Rose Dr Jessica Rose Interview (May 29 2023)
Dr John Campbell & Prof Robert Clancy Dr John Campbell & Prof Robert Clancy (Jan 15 2023)
Dr Campbell Sudden Deaths Linked to C19 Jab (Dec 31 2022)

Dr Peter Chambers

Dr Peter Chambers
Dr Peter Chambers 5th Generation Asymmetric Warfare on Humanity (Nov 22 2022) @ 31:00

Dr Chetty

Dr Chetty
Dr Chetty Covid Vaccine Is A Slow Kill. (Nov 1 2023)
Dr Chetty Venom Peptides Found in the Vax. Dr Ardis Was Right (Mar 19 2023)

Dr Chifari

Dr Rosanna Chifari Topics
Dr Rosanna Chifari Dr Rosanna Chifari, Neurologist, at European Parliament: Covid Shot is a BioWeapon (Dec 11 2023)

Prof Michel Chossudovsky

Prof Chossudovsky
Prof Michel Chossudovsky The Killer Vaccine and the Secret Pfizer Report (May 17 2023)
Prof Chossudovsky Pfizer Deaths vs Profits, An Act of Murder (Feb 2023)
Prof Chossudovsky The "Killer Vaccine" and the Secret Pfizer Report (May 17 2022)
Prof Chossudovsky The Covid "Killer" Vaccine and the "Secret" Pfizer Report (May 17 2022)
Prof Chossudovky The Imposition of Totalitarianism (Mar 10 2022)
Prof Chossudovsky C19 Engineered Destruction of Civil Society. (Mar 26 2022)

Dr Francis Christian

Dr Francis Christian
Dr Francis Christian To Sue the College of Medicine (Oct 12 2022)

Dr Ryan Cole

Dr Ryan Cole Topics
Dr Ryan Cole, Dr Colleen Huber, Steve Kirsch Dr Ryan Cole, Dr Colleen Huber, Steve Kirsch: Turbo-Cancer and Covid "Vaccines" (Jan 8 2024)
Dr Ryan Cole Dr Ryan Cole: Insights About the "Covid Pandemic" (Dec 10 2023)
Dr Ryan Cole Dr Ryan Cole: Speech at International Crisis Summit Romania (Nov 18 2023)
Dr Ryan Cole Dr Ryan Cole - UK Parliament Address (Dec 6 2023)
Dr Cole Lab Investigation of C19 Shots (Dec 14 2022)
Dr Cole Foot-long Blood Clots from mRNA Injection (Dec 7 2022)
Dr Cole CDC is Committing Scientific Fraud. (Aug 20 2022)
Dr Ryan Cole Effects of the Covid Jab (Jul 11 2022)
Dr Cole The Nuclear Bomb That Is Lipid Nanoparticles + mRNA (June 22 2022)
Dr Ryan Cole mRNA Vax Damages the DNA (Apr 9 2022)
Dr Cole Massive Blood Clots In Vaxxed (Mar 23 2022)

Dr Vernon Coleman

Dr Coleman
Dr Vernon Coleman How Ruthless Censorship Hid the Covid Genocide (Nov 3 2023)
Dr Vernon Coleman Interview (May 23 2023)
Dr Vernon Coleman All Covid Jab Deaths Are Murder Or Suicide (Mar 31 2023)
Dr Coleman Anesthetics, Why You Are In Great Danger (Feb 27 2023)
Dr Coleman They Want Us To Go Hungry, Broke, Dead (Mar 1 2023)
Dr Coleman A Message To The Jabbed (Mar 3 2023)
Dr Vernon Coleman Urgent Warning to Everyone. World War III Is On. (Feb 10 2023)
Dr Vernon Coleman Tying It All Together (Dec 26 2022)
Dr Coleman Covid-19 Is A Fraud. (Oct 19 2022)
Dr Coleman We Have Eight Months (Apr 10 2022)

James Corbett

James Corbett
James Corbett Testimony at the National Citizens Inquiry (Jun 14 2023)__
James Corbett The Myth of Pandemic Preparedness (May 21 2023)__
James Corbett 5th Generation Warfare: the War on Everyone (Apr 27 2023)__
James Corbett WHO's Sordid History of "Pandemics" (Feb 12 2023)__
James Corbett The BioSecurity State (Nov 6 2022)
James Corbett The Convergence of Biological and Digital Technologies (Jul 13 2021)
James Corbett Will Genetically Modified Humans be Patented? (Jul 15 2020)

Dr Tom Cowan

Dr Tom Cowan
Dr Tom Cowan Exposing Lab Scams Diagnosing "Long Covid" (Apr 12 2023)
Dr Cowan A World Without Viruses! (Sep 7 2022)
Dr Cowan A World Without Viruses! - Part 2 (Sep 15 2022)

Dr Delépine

Dr Delépine
Dr Delépine C19 Injects Lead to New Infections and Mortality (Jan 08 2023)

Dr Ricardo Delgado

Dr Ricardo Delgado
Ricardo Delgado Ricardo Delgado: Important Message from La Quinta Columna (Dec 8 2023)
Dr Delgado Graphene in Cov-id Vaccines (Cancers, Heart Attacks & Deaths) (Jun 21 2022)

Prof Desmet

Prof Desmet
Prof Desmet Breaking Formation (June 17 2022)

Meryl Dorey

Meryl Dorey
Meryl Dorey The State of Australia (Dec 21 2022)

Edward Dowd

Edward Dowd
Edward Dowd Covid and the Global Financial Collapse (Jul 17 2023)
Ed Dowd The Coming Economic Collapse (Jun 12 2023)
Ed Dowd 20% of US Working Force is Either Dead, Disabled, or Chronically Ill.
Ed Dowd CBDCs, Financial Collapse Imminent, Vax Deaths Explode (Apr 6 2023)
Ed Dowd "Cause Unknown" The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths (Apr 14 2023)
Ed Dowd The Vaccine It's Worst Than We Thought (Apr 6 2023)
Ed Dowd Panel Discussion on Covid Fraud (Mar 10 2023)
Ed Dowd The Shocking Facts Behind the Vaxx (Feb 24 2023)
Edward Dowd New Excess Death Data From Australia (Dec 17 2022)
Edward Dowd Hell on Earth May Have Already Started (Oct 2 2022)

Prof Denis Duboule

Prof Denis Duboule
Prof Denis Duboule En route ver le post-humanisme? (in French, Nov 10 2020)

Dr Elizabeth Eads

Dr Elizabeth Eads
Dr Eads Mass Medical Bankrupcy & Collapse Coming! (Dec 2 2022)

Dr Henry Ealy

Dr Henry Ealy
Dr Henry Ealy They Have the Technology for Constant Fake "Pandemics", with WHO Tyranny (Dec 3 2023)

Matt Ehret

Matt Ehret
Matt Ehret How to Save a Dying Republic (Apr 11 2023)
Matt Ehret Reject Malthusianism to Avoid a New Dark Age (Jan 2 2023)
Matt Ehret On The Rise & Fall Of Empires & What It Means Now (May 24 2022)

Dr. Richard Fleming

Dr. Richard Fleming
Dr Flemming The C-19 (SARS-CoV-2) Virus is a BioWeapon (Jul 28 2022)
Dr Richard Fleming COVID-19 & Vaccines are a Bioweapon, Crimes Against Humanity & NOVAVAX (Apr 1 2022)

Dr Masanori Fukushima

Dr Masanori Fukushima
Dr Fukushima Addressing the Japanese Ministry of Health (Dec 29 2022)
Dr Fukushima Vax Harms to Japan's Ministry of Health (Nov 30 2022)

Steve Gruber

Steve Gruber
Steve Gruber 600+ Rural US Hospitals Collapsing Over Covid Mandates (Nov 12 2023)

Liz Gunn

Liz Gunn
Liz Gunn Kiwis are Awaking to Realise the Gov Conned Them. (Nov 24 2023)

Dr Geanina Hagima

Dr Geanina Hagima
Dr Geanina Hagima Recent Research Findings - There is NO mRNA in the Jabs (Nov 26 2023)

Prof Darrell Hamamoto

Prof Darrell Hamamoto
Prof Hamamoto On Persecution and Inquisition at UC Davis (Apr 12 2022)

Dr Hamilton

Dr Hamilton
Dr Hamilton Child Heart Issues Explode As Post-Jab Massacre Begins (Oct 29 2022)

Dr Alexandra Henrion-Caude

Dr Alexandra Henrion-Caude
Dr Henrion-Caude & Dr Priester Declaration of Medical Crisis - C19 Injections (Sep 11 2022)

Clif High

Clif High
Clif High The Cabal's Collapse Will Begin This Summer & CBDC Will Fail (Apr 7 2023)

Richard Hirshman

Richard Hirshman
Richard Hirschman Cause of Mystery Clots (Aug 16 2023)
Richard Hirschman Structures Killing the Injected (Jul 19 2022)

Dr. Mark Hobart

Dr. Mark Hobart
Dr Hobart Australian Health Authorities on Notice (Mar 14 2022)

Dr Roger Hodkinson

Dr Roger Hodkinson
Dr Roger Hodkinson Covid, the Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated on an Unsuspecting Public (Dec 2020)
Dr Hodkinson Depopulation, WHO, WEF, No Amnesty (Dec 13 2022)
Dr Hodkinson (Covid) It's All Been A Pack of Lies (Nov 5 2022)

Dr Charles Hoffe

Dr Charles Hoffe
Dr Charles Hoffe On Large Scale mRNA Vaccine Injuries (Sep 2 2023) , starts @ 11:40
Dr Hoffe We Were Told All Safety Tests Had Been Done. It Was A Lie (Mar 232023)
Dr Hoffe The Healthcare System is Collapsing (Oct 18 2022)
Dr Hoffe "Biggest Disaster in Medical History!" (Aug 8 2022)

Dr Abram Hoffer

Dr Abram Hoffer Topics
Canadian Doctor Hoffer Canadian Doctor Hoffer: Western Medicine Is Sick And Corrupt - Documentary (May 31 2023)
Dr Abram Hoffer Dr Abram Hoffer: Western Medicine is Sick and Corrupt - Interview (May 2006)

Dr Andrew Huff

Dr Andrew Huff
Dr Huff The Truth About Wuhan (Dec 14 2022)

Dr David Hughes

Dr David Hughes
Dr David Hughes Psychological Warfare, Class War, and Establishment Corruption (Jan 24 2023)
Dr Hughes BioNano Upgrades: Biggest Crime Against Humanity (Dec 27 2022)
Dr Hughes What Is In the COV-ID Injects - Summarizing the Independent Analyses (Nov 10 2022)

Dr Stella Immanuel

Dr Stella Immanuel
Dr Immanuel Not Just About Control, This Is The Devil (Jan 19 2023)

Jefferey Jaxen

Jefferey Jaxen
Jefferey Jaxen Study Raises Shot Cord Blood Concerns (Dec 12 2022)

Dr Scott Jensen

Dr Scott Jensen
Dr Scott Jensen The Weaponization of Gov Agencies Against Doctors (May 21 2023)
Dr Scott Jensen What's Wrong With Vaccinated Hearts? (Dec 22 2022)

Dr Dave Janda

Dr Dave Janda
Dr Dave Janda 01 Operation Freedom, Warns about Big Tech & Big Pharma Cartels Killing Humanity (Apr 28 2022)

Laura Jeffery

Laura Jeffery
Laura Jeffery Funeral Director/Embalmer Speaks Out (Nov 10 2023)

Dr Andrew Kaufman

Dr Andrew Kaufman
Dr Andrew Kaufman Transcending the Plandemic Narrative (Nov 16 2023)
Drs Cowan, Lanka, Kaufman Viruses Don't Exist. Don't Be Afraid of the Truth (Jun 6 2023)__
Dr Andrew Kaufman Covid and Cancer (May 15 2023)
Dr Mikovits & Dr Kaufman Virus Debate (May 7 2023)
Dr Andrew Kaufman Transcending the Plandemic Narrative (May 6 2023)
Dr Kaufman Every Pandemic Was Fake (Jan 05 2023)
Dr Kaufman CIA Doctors and Human Rights Violations (Dec 23 2022)
Dr Kaufman The Death of Humanity & The Great Reset (Dec 7 2022)
Dr Kaufman Exposing the Covid-19 Hoax (Sep 16 2022)

Dr Harald Kautz-Vella

Dr Harald Kautz-Vella
Dr Kautz-Vella The Jabs were an Extinction-Level Event (Apr 10 2024)
Dr Kautz-Vella Covid, Jab Cult, Demonic AI, Black Goo (Jan 16 2023)
Dr Kautz-Vella C19 Shots, Nano-Machines, TransHumanism (Jan 04 2023)

Prof Aaron Kheriaty

Prof Aaron Kheriaty
Prof Kheriaty The New Abnormal (Dec 10 2022)

Karen Kingston

Karen Kingston Topics
Karen Kington Karen Kingston: Dismantling the Covid Deception (Dec 28 2023)
Karen Kingston Karen Kingston: Texas Sues Pfizer for Disinfo About the C19 Bioweapon. (Dec 11 2023)
Karen Kingston Latest Updates on the BioWeapon (Jul 6 2023)
Karen Kingston mRNA Covid BioWeapon - NanoTech, Transhumanism, Directed Evolution (Jun 4 2023)
Karen Kingston Transhumanism Threatens Humanity (Jun 25 2023)
Karen Kingston Covid-19 Grand Deception (Jun 22 2023)
Karen Kingston AI Exterminating Humans Through Synthetic Biology (Jun 3 2023)
Karen Kingston C19 Injections Are Deliberate Biological Weapons Unleashed Against Humans (May 24 2023)
Karen Kingston People Were Injected with NanoTechnology for the Purpose of TransHumanism (May 13 2023)
Karen Kingston Medical Freedom Movement's Biggest Mistake (May 10 2023)
Karen Kingston 7 Patented Poisons in the CV19 Injections (May 2 2023)
Karen Kingston C19 Injection Is Extinction-Level Event (May 1 2023)
Karen Kingston mRNA+LNPs BioWeapons for Transhumanism. (Apr 8 2023)
Karen Kingston Russian MoD Confirms mRNA Injections Are BioWeapons (Mar 25 2023)
Karen Kingston Confirmed, Graphene Oxide in Shots; Pfizer Sued For $3 Trillion (Mar 8 2023)
Karen Kingston Plandemic Depopulation Plan Exposed (Mar 2 2023)
Karen Kingston Planned Genocide Event Confirmed (Feb 15 2023)
Karen Kingston Merger of Technology (AI, LNPs) with Biology (mRNA) (Feb 2 2023)
Karen Kingston The Kill Shot (Jan 17 2023)
Karen Kingston It's Bioweapon Masquerading as 'Vaccine' (Jan 01 2023)
Karen Kingston DARPA's Ties to Injected C19 BioWeapon (Dec 23 2022)
Karen Kingston Everybody Knew C19 Shot Is BioWeapon (Dec 16 2022)
Quantum Dots Injectable NanoTech in the Jabs: Quantum Dots, Neuro-Weapons (Oct 26 2022)
Karen Kingston C19 Vax 5G Link + BioSynthetic AI NanoTech (Oct 10 2022)
Karen Kingston C19, SARS-CoV-2 & Tech Injected (Oct 8 2022)
Karen Kingston Mind Control Neuroweapon - Vaxx & 5G Towers (Oct 4 2022)
Karen Kingston Bioweapons and their Patents (Jun 24 2022)

Steve Kirsch

Steve Kirsch
Steve Kirsch The Covid "Vaccines" Killed Millions (Dec 15 2023)

Dr Pierre Kory

Dr Pierre Kory
Dr Pierre Kory Covid Vaccines & Effects - Sydney Tour (Apr 8 2023)__

Attorney Philipp Kruse

Attn Philipp Kruse
Philipp Kruse World Government Power Grab With Next Pandemic! (Dec 16 2023)

Dr Fuad Kuliyev

Dr Fuad Kuliyev
Dr Kuliyev An Important Message (Aug 27 2022)

Dr Jeyanthi Kunadesan

Dr Jeyanthi Kunadesan
Dr Kunadesan Anaesthetist Speaks Out (Dec 2 2022)

Dr Rima Laibow

Dr Rima Laibow Topics
Dr Rima Laibow Dr Rima Laibow: US Moves to Exit the WHO & the UN! (Dec 16 2023), starts @ 4:04
Drs Laibow, McCullough, Martin, Steve Kirsch World Health Sovereignty Summit (Nov 4 2023)
Dr Rima Laibow C19 Was A Well-Laid Plan for Depopulation (Jun 30 2023)
Dr Rima Laibow The Harrowing News of Why I Quit Teaching (Jun 18 2023)
Dr Rima Laibow UN/WHO Pedophile Agenda Exposed (June 4 2023)
Dr Rima Laibow Nefarious Plans of the WHO for Global Dictatorship (May 29 2023)
Dr Rima Laibow Globalists War on Sovereignty and Humanity (May 29 2023)
Dr Rima Laibow Assassination Using Frequency and Nanites (May 29 2023)
Dr Rima Laibow The Stakes Are High (May 18 2023)
Dr Rima Laibow Globalists Behind the Bio Attack to Depopulate Humanity (Apr 20 2023)
Dr Laibow World Holocaust Organisation (WHO), The Globalists Plan to Destroy Our Nation (Apr 7 2023)
Dr Laibow Dr Rima Laibow & Dr Karen Siegemund: Elite's War on Humanity (Apr 5 2023)
_Dr Rima Laibow Pandemic & BioWeapon for "the Great Culling" (2009)
Dr Laibow The Elites Want You Dead (Dec 1 2022)
Dr Laibow 90% of the Global Population Will Die (Jun 21 2022)
Dr Rima Laibow Liquifying Human Corpses at Reeducation Camps (Jul 7 2022)

Sasha Latypova

Sasha Latypova Topics
Sasha Latypova Sasha Latypova: The Legal Infrastructure of a Global Genocide (Dec 2 2023)
Sasha Latypova C19 BioWeapon Contains Cancer-Causing SV40 Gene (Sep 9 2023)
Sasha Latypova The Weaponisation of Healthcare (Aug 9 2023)
Sasha Latypova Idaho SouthWest District Health Board Testimony (Aug 1 2023)
Sasha Latypova Military Counter-measures (Jul 29 2023)
Sasha Latypova DOD & Big Pharma Mass Genocide Op on US Citizens (Jul 27 2023), starts @ 16:45
Sasha Latypova The Covid Vaccine Approval Was a Farce (Jul 10 2023)
Sasha Latypova "The whole agenda (UN, WHO, WEF) is population control."
Sasha Latypova Pharma Laundering Military Operations (Jun 22 2023)
Sasha Latypova The "Vaccine" Military Machinery Behind the Global Covid-19 Response (Jun 18 2023)
Sasha Latypova Testimony to Washington County, Idaho (May 31 2023)
Sasha Latypova Hydrogel in Vaccines - A Serious Declaration of War (May 27 2023)
Sasha Latypova US Gov War Propaganda Hoax & BioWeapons (May 27 2023)
Sasha Latypova Team Enigma Found DNA Contaminants In the Vials (Apr 27 2023)
Sasha Latypova Covid Was A US Military Operation & The Shots Are BioWeapons (May 4 2023)
Sasha Latypova Whose Military Made Covid? (May 12 2023), starts @ 18:26
Sasha Latypova "Weaponization of Healthcare" Norway Speech (May 4 2023)
Sasha Latypova The US Military Made The mRNA Injections And They Are Bioweapons (May 2 2023)
Sasha Latypova Contaminants in mRNA Shots (May 1 2023)
Sasha Latypova The Role of the DoD & Their Co-Investors in Covid Countermeasures (Feb 2023)
Sasha Latypova C19 Injections Are DoD BioChemical Weapons, A Crime Against Humanity (Mar 22 2023)
Sasha Latypova Militarized Healthcare (Mar 19 2023)
Dr Sasha Latypova Conspiracy to Murder by US DoD, Pharma Cartel (Mar 26 2023)
Dr Latypova DoD "Weapons" Press Conference (Jan 24 2023)
Session 140 Regulatory Frameworks Violated & Pfizergate @ 03:36:25

Dr Tess Lawrie

Tess Lawrie
Dr Tess Lawrie 500 New Injections, A Self-Perpetuating Pandemic Industry (Apr 24 2023)
Dr Lawrie World At Risk - The WHO Pandemic Treaty (Apr 18 2022)

Prof Retsef Levi

Prof Retsef Levi
Prof Levi Covid-19 mRNA Programs Cause Harm And Death. (Jan 30 2023)

Dr Thomas Levy

Dr Thomas Levy (cardiologist)
Dr Levy Vaxxed Pilots Are Ticking Time Bombs (Jan 19 2023)

Dr Janci Lindsay

Dr Janci Lindsay (cardiologist)
Dr Janci Lindsay DNA Manipulation in C19 Bioweapon (Nov 8 2023)

Ltn Col Theresa Long

Ltn Col Theresa Long
Dr Long, Dr Victory, Dr Drew C19 Shots Are BioWeapons (Dec 25 2022)
Ltn Col Theresa Long The US Military is damaging soldiers with COVID-19 injections.

Dr Ariyana Love

Dr Ariyana Love
Dr Love PCR Test Kits Clone Parasites (Dec 17 2022)

Dr Carrie Madej

Dr Carrie Madej Topics
Dr Carrie Madej Dr Carrie Madej: Tetanus Shot Lights Up - Neural Link for Transhumanism (Dec 10 2023)
Dr Carrie Madej The Battle for Humanity (Nov 8 2023)
Dr Carrie Madej They Tried to Bury Us But Didn't Realize We Were Seeds (Jun 26 2023)
Dr Madej WHO is Controlled by the Cabal (May 5 2023)

Dr William Makis

Dr William Makis Topics
Dr William Makis Dr William Makis: 90+ Canadian Doctor Deaths and Government Corruption (Dec 18 2023)

Dr Aseem Malhotra

Dr Aseem Malhotra
Dr Aseem Malhotra Pfizer Lawsuit in South Africa - Unsafe and Ineffective (Apr 1 2023)
Dr Malhotra Curing the MisInformation on the C19 mRNA Vaccines (Dec 2022)
Dr Malhotra Interview (Dec 18 2022)
Dr Aseem Malhotra Covid Jab Has Unprecedented Harms (Oct 3 2022)

Dr Robert Malone

Dr Robert Malone Topics
Dr Robert Malone Dr Malone, Dr Weinstein, Dr Bridle, Steve Kirsch: mRNA Injections, a Retrospective (Dec 26 2023)
Dr Robert Malone Dr Robert Malone: UK Parliament Testimony (Dec 5 2023)
Dr Robert Malone Fifth Generation Warfare and Sovereignty (Feb 11 2023)
Dr Robert Malone Veritas Latest Report into Pfizer Dir Jordan Walker (Feb 8 2023)
Dr Malone MonkeyPox is FearPorn; JYNNEOS is CardioToxic (May 24 2022)

Dr Ben Marble

Dr Ben Marble
Dr Marble Mass Deaths Follow Covid Jabs (Jan 12 2023)
Dr Ben Marble People Have Been Vaccinated with a Slow Acting Lethal Poison (Mar 3 2022)

Dr Paul Marik

Dr Paul Marik
Dr Marik Righting the Wrong (Jun 16 2023), @ 1:13:00
Dr Marik, Jay Naidu Life Lessons from a South African Freedom Fighter (Apr 7 2023)
Dr Paul Marik What is the Deal with Spike Protein Shedding? (Mar 19 2023)

Dr David Martin

Dr David Martin Topics
Dr David Martin Dr David Martin: 1986 ACT, Over 10 THOUSAND TIMES the Limit (Jan 9 2024)
Dr David Martin Dr David Martin, Andrew Bridgen: Explaining the Corona Crime (Dec 22 2023)
Dr David Martin Dr David Martin: mRNA Injections Are NOT Vaccines. (Dec 13 2023)
Dr David Martin Exposing Moderna (Nov 24 2023)
Dr David Martin Putting Humanity Back Into Humans (Nov 14 2023)
_Dr David Martin On Fauci's & WHO's Crimes (Nov 5 2023)
Dr David Martin C19 Was a Crime Meant to Hurt and Kill Humanity (Oct 31 2023)
Dr Martin Trump and the BioWeapon (Oct 28 2023)
Dr David Martin Exposing the Covid Crimes - Switzerland 1/2 (Oct 20 2023)
Dr David Martin Exposing the Covid Crimes - Switzerland 2/2 (Oct 20 2023)
Dr David Martin Covid Was An Act of War Against the Human Race (Oct 16 2023)
Dr David Martin This Technology Alters What It Means To Be Human. (Oct 8 2023)
Dr David Martin Media Blackout in the West (Oct 11 2023)
Dr David Martin "This was a biological weapon brought upon humanity."
Dr David Martin "Destroy the W.H.O.", starts @ 48:20
Dr David Martin The Covid Illusion & the Criminal W.H.O. Driving It (Sep 27 2023)
Dr William Makis "Destroy the W.H.O.", starts @ 48:20
Dr David Martin Destroy the W.H.O. (Sep 13 2023)
Dr David Martin Vaccination is Dependency on Upgrade Operating System (Sep 7 2023)
Dr David Martin The C19 Genocidal Plan (Aug 27 2023)
Dr David Martin Don't Fear Coming Lockdowns - Cabal Already Dead. (Aug 25 2023)
Dr David Martin Covid-19 Was An Act Of War Against the Human Race (Jul 30 2023)
Dr David Martin Governments Involved in the Weaponization of Coronavirus (Jul 10 2023)
Dr David Martin Covid and US BioWeapon Programme (Jul 1 2023)
Dr Martin Covid Was An Act of War (Jun 25 2023), starts @ 18:33
Dr Martin Canada's Arbutus Biopharma Developed LNPs for US DoD (May 27 2023)
Dr Martin The Plandemic Agenda (May 21 2023) @ 2:30
Dr Martin C19 is PreMeditated Global Terrorism. (May 21 2023)
Dr Martin C19 Injections Are Biological Weapons (May 18 2023)
International Covid Summit Covid BioWarfare was done by a criminal group of the Global Elite, @ 13:01
Dr Martin When Voice of Reason Is Silenced (May 7 2023)
Dr Martin Worse Than You Think: Gov Corruption, Covid Bioweapon (Apr 23 2023)
Dr Martin Life Insurance Companies Are Part Of The Cabal (Apr 8 2023)
Dr Martin Cancer Rates Explode From Covid-19 Shots (Feb 9 2023)
Dr Martin The Truth About Statistics (Jan 27 2023)

Jordan Maxwell

Jordan Maxwell
Jordan Maxwell The Takeover of the Human Race (Aug 27 2023)
Jordan Maxwell Secret Society Symbolism (Aug 23 2023)

Melissa McAtee

Melissa McAtee
Pfizer Whistleblower Melissa McAtee Pfizer Whistleblower (Mar 19 2023)

Dr Melissa McCann

Dr Melissa McCann Topics
Dr Melissa McCann Dr Melissa McCann: Class Action Alert - C19 Vax Lawsuit Revelation (Dec 18 2023)
Dr Melissa McCann Class-Action Lawsuit for Vaccine Injured in Australia (Apr 28 2023), starts @ 7:40
Dr Melissa McCann Australia Hiding Covid Vax Deaths (Mar 11 2023)

Dr Peter McCullough

Dr Peter McCullough Topics
Dr Peter McCullough Dr Peter McCullough: Cancer-Causing "Covid Vaccines", WHO Treaty (Dec 28 2023)
Dr Peter McCullough Dr Peter McCullough - UK Parliament Address (Dec 6 2023)
Dr Martin, Dr McCullough Dr Martin, Dr McCullough: The "Vaccines" Are Killing People (Dec 2 2023)
Dr McCullough Testimony in the Pennsylvania Senate (June 10 2023)
Dr McCullough mRNA in Food Supply & Bad Batches (Apr 17 2023)
Catherine Austin Fitts They're Running for Cover: Tons of Culpability, and Lawsuits (Jun 10 2023)
Dr McCullough Covid Vax & Effects - Sydney Tour (Mar 23 2023)
Dr McCullough The mRNA Death Shots (Mar 19 2023)
Dr McCullough Sudden Deaths & Cardiac Events Exploding (Jan 15 2023)
Dr McCullough & Dr Malhotra How the C19 Vaccines Impact the Heart (Dec 18 2022)
Dr McCullough C19 Shot the Most Deadly in Medicinal History (Dec 17 2022)
Dr McCullough C19 Shot Is Military Program (Dec 16 2022)
Dr McCullough "Justice Will Have To Come" For The FDA (Nov 24 2022)
Dr McCullough mRNA Injections Are Killing Children (Sep 25 2022)
Dr McCullough Texas Senate HHS Testimony (July 1 2022)
Dr McCullough Full Interview (June 20 2022)
Athletes Dropping Dead Athletes Dropping Dead & Cardiac Arrests (Apr 29 2022)
Dr McCullough Genetic Catastrophe & Long-Term Effects of COVID-19 Injections (Mar 16 2022)
Dr McCullough The Heart Of The Matter (Mar 10 2022)

Dr Michael McDowell

Dr Michael McDowell
Dr McDowell Human Civilization (Ep 2) - Genetic BioWeapons (Aug 22 2022)
Dr McDowell Human Civilization (Ep 1) - An Existential Crisis (July 27 2022)
Dr McDowell SARS-CoV-2 is a Bioweapon (Feb 5th 2022)

Dr Kevin McKernan

Dr Kevin McKernan Topics
Dr Kevin McKernan Dr Kevin McKernan: qPCR Underestimates the Total Plasmid DNA Contamination (Nov 8 2023)
Dr Kevin McKernan Evidence of Covid-19 Vaccine Contamination to the FDA VRBPAC Advisory Committee (Jun 16 2023)
Dr Kevin McKernan DNA Contamination in mRNA Covid "Vaccine" (Jul 14 2023)

Dr Mercola

Dr Mercola
Dr Mercola The Many Ways in Which Covid Vaccines May Harm Your Health (May 8 2022)

Dr Lee Merritt

Dr Lee Merritt Topics
Dr Lee Merritt Dr Lee Merritt & Kerry Cassidy: Intel for 2024 (Jan 5 2024)
Dr Lee Merritt Dr Lee Merritt: In a World of Propaganda, the Truth is Always a Conspiracy. (Dec 21 2023)
Dr Lee Merritt Dr Lee Merritt & Celeste Solum: GMO Trees, Bio-Fields, Nano-Fibres (Dec 17 2023), starts @ 1:04
Dr Lee Merritt Dr Lee Merritt: Exposing the Latest "Chinese White Lung" Narrative (Dec 8 2023), starts @ 6:16
Dr Lee Merritt GDW-Corruption of Science & Medicine to Control the World (Nov 26 2023)
Dr Lee Merritt Don't Allow a Politician to Ever Mandate a Medication (Nov 15 2023), starts @ 6:40
Dr Lee Merritt Living the Truman Show. Culture, Morality Collapses Around Us (Nov 9 2023)
Dr Lee Merritt Solutions for Synthetic Parasites, Snake Venom, EMFs (Nov 5 2023)
Dr Lee Merritt Living the Truman Show. Culture, Morality Collapses Around Us (Nov 9 2023)
Dr Lee Merritt Solutions for Synthetic Parasites, Snake Venom, EMFs (Nov 5 2023)
Dr Lee Merritt Exposing America's Biggest Red Flags - Part 1 (Oct 20 2023)
Dr Lee Merritt Exposing America's Biggest Red Flags - Part 2 (Oct 20 2023)
Dr Lee Merritt OptoGenetics Not 5G! (Oct 7 2023), starts @ 14:30
Dr Lee Merritt Stop Being a Patient (Sep 23 2023)
Dr Lee Merritt Freedom vs Totalitarianism (Oct 2023)
Dr Lee Merritt C19 Mind Virus (Oct 2 2023), starts @ 11:48
Dr Lee Merritt Spike Protein and C19 "Vaccine" Are Man-Made BioWeapons (Sep 23 2023)
Dr Lee Merritt & Scott Kesterson The War Against Humanity (Sep 19 2023)
Dr Lee Merritt Covid Chapter One - The "Pandemic" of 1918 (Sep 18 2023)
Dr Merritt Me must identify and name the enemy, to be able to fight it. (Sep 12 2023)
Dr Lee Merritt Dr Juliette Engel, MK-Ultra Survivor (Sep 8 2023)
Dr Lee Merritt BioWeapons, 5th Generation Warfare (Aug 25 2023)
Dr Lee Merritt & James Grundvig This is Total War on Humanity (Sep 5 2023)
Dr Lee Merritt Enemy Within, US Gov attacking farms (Sep 1 2023)
Dr Lee Merritt No mRNA In Covid Jabs (Aug 31 2023)
Dr Lee Merritt Maui/Lahaina Fire, Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) (Aug 25 2023)
Dr Lee Merritt Bloodlines of the Hidden Hand (Aug 23 2023)
Dr Merritt Thalidomide, Eugenics, Nazis, (Aug 6 2023)
Dr Lee Merritt It's A Planned TakeOver of Humanity, And Depopulation. (Jul 19 2023)
Dr Lee Merritt Ukraine, the Pyramid of Control, the Virus Lie (Jul 10 2023)
Dr Lee Merritt Censorship Exposed (Jun 23 2023)
Dr Lee Merritt We're In A War For Our Survival. (Jun 19 2023), starts @ 3:45
Ann Vandersteel with Ann Vandersteel (Jun 18 2023)
Dr Lee Merritt Corruption in Hospitals. Cancer by Parasites. (Jun 2 2023)
Dr Lee Merritt Disease Guacamole for Death Shots (May 14 2023)
Dr Lee Merritt Crime Scene: Bioweapons, Nanotech, and the Cabal (May 12 2023)
Dr Merritt Virus or Poison? It's War on Humanity (May 5 2023)
Five Doctors Five Doctors Critically Thinking (Apr 29 2023)
Dr Merritt Welcome to the Apocalypse (Apr 4 2023)
Clif High & Dr Merritt Clif High & Dr Merritt: Chinese Revolution & America Today (Apr 8 2023)
Dr Merritt The "Spanish Flu" & "Covid" Hoaxes Exposed (Nov 30 2022)
Dr Merritt Medical Tyranny (Nov 14 2022)
Dr Merritt Demonic Realm Through C19 Injections (Oct 27 2022)
Dr Merritt The Parasite Paradigm (Oct 20 2022)
Dr Merritt C19 Mind Virus: Toxin + 5G (Oct 20 2022)
Dr Merritt mRNA Not in the Injections: It's HydroGEL (Graphene) + EMF (Oct 20 2022)
Dr Merritt (Part 2) Ukraine, Devolution, CounterIntel, False Reality (Sep 29 2022)
Dr Merritt (Part 1) BioWeapon, Shedding, Blood Clots, 5G, Putin (Oct 2 2022)
Dr Merritt Unveiling the Dark Occult in "Science" (Sep 10 2022)
Dr Merritt The Rise of the Nano-Mafia (Aug 30 2022)
Dr Merritt C19 BioWeapon Targeting Specific Genotypes (Aug 4 2022)
Dr Merritt Targeted DNA Harvesting & Damage, De-Population (Jun 20 2022)
Dr Merritt Targeted DNA Harvesting & Damage, De-Population, Globalists Immune, Repairing DNA (Jun 20 2022)

Dr Ana Mihalcea

Dr Ana Mihalcea
Dr Ana Mihalcea Recap of Costa Rica Hearing (Nov 10 2023)
Dr Ana Mihalcea Quantum Dot-Building Hydrogel (Sep 7 2023)
Dr Ana Mihalcea NanoTech Found in Insulin and Growth Hormone (Sep 3 2023)
Dr Anna Mihalcea C19 Injections Are BioWeapons. (Aug 30 2023)
Dr Mihalcea Hydrogel Rubbery Clots, Quantum Dots, Self-Assembly Cyborgs (Aug 16 2023)
Dr Ana Mihalcea The Formation Mechanism of the Rubber-like Structures (Aug 12 2023)
Dr Ana Mihalcea Evidence of Crimes Against Humanity (Jul 5 2023)
Karen Kingston & Dr Mihalcea Exterminating Humans Through Synthetic Biology (Jun 3 2023)
Dr Mihalcea Jabbed & UnJabbed Getting P.O.T.S. Syndrome (May 12 2023)
Dr Mihalcea Injections with Ribbons, NanoRobots, Chips, Graphene, HydroGel (May 5 2023)
Dr Mihalcea mRNA or NanoTech/Graphene, Extinction-Level Event. (Apr 24 2023)
Dr Ana Mihalcea Discussion on Transhumanism (Apr 10 2023)
Dr  Mihalcea Major Grocery Meat Full of Vaxx-Like Structures (Apr 9 2023)
Dr Ana Milhacea The UnInjected Are Showing NanoTech, Graphene, Clots (Feb 15 2023)
Dr Mihalcea NanoTech in Injections & Quantum Physics (Oct 29 2022)

Dr Judy Mikovits

Dr. Judy Mikovits
Dr Judy Mikovits The Vaccine Depopulation Agenda and What Comes Next (Sep 19 2023)
Dr Judy Mikovits The Plan to Inject Humanity With the Cancer Virus VP62 (Sep 6 2023)
Dr Judy Mikovits Covid Was Premeditated Murder & Vaccination Is Extermination (Aug 4 2023)
Dr Mikovits The Bill Gates Controversy (Mar 25 2023)
Dr Mikovits Solutions for the Injected (Dec 2 2022)
Dr Mikovits Vax Causes Explosion in Cancers and Death (Sep 13 2022)
Dr Mikovits Ending Plague in an Age of Corruption (Mar 15 2022)

Dr Charles Morgan

Dr Charles Morgan Topics
Dr Charles Morgan Dr Charles Morgan: Psycho-Neurobiology and War (Jun 14 2014)

Dr Kary Mullis

Dr Kary Mullis PCR Inventor
Dr Kary Mullis The Full Interview (Nov 15 2023)

Captain Shane Murdock

Captain Shane Murdock PCR Inventor
Captain Shane Murdock 386% Increase in Mayday Calls Since Covid Injections! (Dec 8 2023)

Dr Daniel Nagase

Dr Daniel Nagase
Dr Daniel Nagase One Man of Honor (Oct 14 2023)
Dr Daniel Nagase "Murders at Alberta's Hospitals" - Testimony At the NCI (May 19 2023)
Dr Nagase mRNA in Bioweapon Shots is Forever (Mar 3 2023)

Pascal Najadi

Pascal Najadi
Pascal Najadi Democide's Head of the Snake is in Geneva: WHO, GAVI, WEF. (Nov 7 2023)

Dr Meryl Nass

Dr Meryl Nass
Dr Meryl Nass the WHO Pandemic Treaty (Aug 25 2023)
Dr Nass & Dr Brian Hooker Biological Warfare (Mar 19 2023)
Dr Nass Doctors Hunting and Fighting Back (Jan 17 2023)
Dr Nass & Dr Bell What's Coming in 2023? (Dec 20 2022)

Dr Michael Nehls

Dr Michael Nehls Topics
Dr Michael Nehls Dr Michael Nehls: NeuroHacking - How the Global Mind Manipulation PsyOp Works (Dec 30 2023)
Dr Michael Nehls Dr Michael Nehls: The Psychological Degeneration of the Population (Dec 15 2023)
Dr Michael Nehls Dr Michael Nehls: mRNA Injections Erase AutoBiographical Memory in Hippocampus (Dec 31 2023)

Dr Christine Northrup

Dr Christine Northrup
Dr Christiane Northrup Looking to the Future (May 27 2023)
Dr Christiane Northrup Critically Thinking, RFK-Jr's Speech (Apr 22 2023)
Dr Northrup and SG Anon Big Pharma Will Be Completely Taken Down (Mar 8 2023)
Dr Christian Northrup SIDS / SADS, Turbo-Cancers, Prions, CJD (Mad-Cow) From the Shots.

Cathy O'Brien

Cathy O'Brien
Cathy O'Brien Sex Slave for the Clintons Tells All (Jan 24 2024)

John O'Looney

John O'Looney
John O'looney Tyrants Will Be Hanged (May 7 2023)
John O'Looney & Richard Hirschman Beyond "Died Suddenly" (Jan 30 2023)
Funeral Directors A Day in the Death of Life (Oct 18 2022)
John O'Looney I Want Nuremberg! I Want To Testify! (Nov 15 2022)
John O'Looney Vaccine Deaths, The Truth (Jul 21 2022)

Janet Ossebaard & Cyntha Koeter

Janet Ossebaard & Cyntha Koeter
Janet Ossebaard Creators Of "The Fall Of The Cabal" (Feb 11th 2022)

Dr Craig Paardekooper

Dr Craig Paardekooper
Lethal Vax Targeted Red US States Lethal Vax Targeted Red US States (Apr 10 2022)
Mortality Bomb Mortality Bomb (Mar 12 2022)
Pfizer Batch Codes Craig Paardekooper (Dec 4 2021)

Dr Larry Palevsky

Dr Larry Palevsky Topics
Dr Larry Palevsky Dr Larry Palevsky: The "Vaccine" War is a Multi-Decade Attempt to Disable & Kill the Human Race (Sep 22 2023)
Dr Larry Palevsky Interview (Jun 26 2023)
Dr Palevsky 2022: Disclosures; 2023: Accountability (Dec 27 2022)
Dr Palevsky What Do We Really Know About COVID and Vaccines? (Apr 7 2022)

Dr Michael Palmer

Dr Michael Palmer
Dr Michael Palmer mRNA Vaccines Were Meant to Harm & Kill People (Oct 29 2023)

Emanuel Pastreich

Emanuel Pastreich
Emanuel Pastreich Covid-19 Was A Global Coup By Private Finance, IT, And Intelligence Complexes (Dec 31 2022)

Pastor Pawlowski
Pastor Pawlowski Standing Firm Against Globalists (Aug 17 2022)

Prof Perronne

Prof Perronne
Prof Perronne Monkeypox & Public Health Organizations (May 28 2022)

John Potash

John Potash
John Potash Eugenics to Pandemics (Dec 28 2022)

Steve Quayle

Steve Quayle
Steve Quayle Globalists Destroying Internet Cables to Eliminate Communication (Apr 23 2023)
Steve Quayle The Genocide of the Human Race (Dec 6 2022)
Steve Quayle Everything We Have Warned About Is Happening Now (Nov 18 2022)__

Dr Christina Rahm

Dr Christina Rahm
Dr Rahm Graphene & NanoTechnology, Humans Robots (Apr 23 2022)

Dr Denis Rancourt

Dr Denis Rancourt Topics
Dr Denis Rancourt Dr Denis Rancourt: Speech at International Crisis Summit Romania (Nov 27 2023)

James Roguski

James Roguski
James Roguski International Health Regulations (Sep 30 2023)
James Roguski Gene 1P36 Deletion, WHO's Anti-Human Plan (Dec 20 2022)
James Roguski The WHO & the Devil Incarnate (Oct 30 2022)
IHR IHR: The WHO's Plan to Take Over the World (May 11 2022)
James Roguski WHO Close to Complete Medical Dictatorship (Jul 21 2022)

Dr Jessica Rose

Dr Jessica Rose Topics
Dr Jessica Rose Dr Jessica Rose & Kevin McKernan: N1-Methyl-pseudoUridines (Dec 17 2023)
Dr Jessica Rose Dr Jessica Rose: International Covid Summit Rumania (Nov 25 2023)
Dr Jessica Rose International Covid Summit III - Brussels (May 30 2023)
Dr Jessica Rose Update on Fertility Data & VAERS (Feb 26 2023)
Dr Robert Clancy Mucosal Immunology (Feb 25 2023)
Dr Jessica Rose The True Covid Vax Fallout & Suspicious Activity in the VAERS Database (Jan 16 2023)
Dr Jessica Rose Challenging the High Priests of Science (Jan 03 2023)
Dr Jessica Rose `Debunking Covid Lies (Dec 21 2022)
Dr Rose Covid, VAERS System, and Victims from the Vax (Aug 8 2022)
Dr Rose What is Killing the Millennials? (Mar 30 2022)
Dr Jessica Rose Data Debrief, VAERS numbers and Corruption (Mar 22 2022)

Dr Beverly Rubik

Dr Beverly Rubik
Dr Beverly Rubik 5G Radiation Reacts with C19 (May 19 2023)__

Dr Stefano Scoglio

Dr Stefano Scoglio
Dr Scoglio Jab Toxic Bomb & No "Spike Protein" (Dec 18 2022)

Dr Stephanie Seneff

Dr Stephanie Seneff Topics
Dr Stephanie Seneff Dr Stephanie Seneff: mRNA Injections Are Toxic, Glyphosate Makes It Worse (Jul 10 2023)
Dr Seneff mRNA Injections Are Toxic, Glyphosate Makes It Worse (Jul 10 2023)__
Dr Seneff C19 Jabs Are For Depopulation (Jan 26 2023)
Dr Seneff Why C19 Jabs Injure So Many People (Dec 15 2022)
Dr Seneff Auto-Immune Disease, Thrombosis, Heart Attacks (Nov 26 2022)
Dr Seneff How mRNA Vax Sets Up Long-Term Diseases (Jun 26 2022)


Sister Explains The Purpose of Jab & Final Marking (Aug 3 2022)

Dr José Luis Sevillano

Dr José Luis Sevillano
Dr Sevillano Graphene in Injections is Abduction by Predators, and Transhumanism (Sep 8 2023)
Dr Sevillano A Message to All (Jan 20 2023)
Dr Sevillano The Situation in Which We Find Ourselves (Oct 29 2022)

Nurse Kate Shemirani

Nurse Kate Shemirani
Nurse Shemirani UK Gov Putting People on End-of-Life NG191 Death Protocol (Jan 09 2023)

Dr Chris Shoemaker

Dr Chris Shoemaker Topics
Dr Chris Shoemaker Dr Chris Shoemaker: Speech at International Covid Summit in Romania (Dec 4 2023)
Dr Shoemaker 20% of mRNA Injected Will Suffer from Myocarditis, Many Will Die Within 5 Years (Aug 2 2023)
Dr Shoemaker Exposing the Dangers of the Covid "Vaccine" (May 25 2023)

MIT's Dr Shiva

MIT's Dr Shiva
MIT Dr Shiva How to Save Humanity (Dec 6 2023)

Attorney Aaron Siri

Attorney Aaron Siri
Attorney Aaron Siri The Informed Consent Imperative (Dec 29 2023)

Dr Wilfred Stokes

Dr Wilfred Stokes
Dr Wilfred Stokes The Vaccinated Are Irreversibly Mutated (Nov 5 2023)

Dr Astrid Stückelberger

Dr Astrid Stückelberger Topics
Dr Astrid Stückelberger Dr Astrid Stückelberger: UN and WHO Becoming a Global Dictatorship (Nov 10 2023)
Dr Stukelberger WHO is Controlled by the Cabal (May 5 2023)
Dr Stuckelberger Injectables Contain Graphene Oxide. (Apr 7 2023)
Dr Stuckelberger "le faux vaccin et l'oxide de graphène" (in French, Jul 23 2021)
Dr Astrid Stuckelberger Timeline of Tyranny (Jan 20 2023)
Dr Stuckelberger Zombies, & How To Remove Nanotech (Jul 6 2022)

Dr Ben Tapper

Dr Ben Tapper
Dr Ben Tapper HUGE Lawsuit Against BBC, APress, WaPo, Reuters (Feb 11 2023)

Dr Sherri Tenpenny

Dr Sherri Tenpenny
Dr Sherri Tenpenny Vaccine Safety, Covid-19 & The Future of Our Nation (Nov 26 2023)
Dr Tenpenny 20 Million Died, 2.1 Billion Injured (Jul 16 2023), starts @ 8:38
Dr Sherri Tenpenny C19 "Vax" Is A Murder Campaign (May 14 2023)__
Dr Tenpenny This is the Last Generation of Children That We See (Apr 29 2023)
Drs Tenpenny, Madej, Wakefield The Covid Vaccine is an mRNA Genetic Modification 5G Primer (Apr 11 2023)
Dr Tenpenny Lethal Effects of the Jab (Mar 29 2023)
Dr Tenpenny So Many People Dropping Dead From Vaxx (Mar 2 2023)
Dr Tenpenny All Cause Mortality (Feb 9 2023), starts @ 14:30
Dr Tenpenny Millions Are Going To Die - 2.1 Billion Seriously Injured (Jan 14 2023)
Dr Tenpenny Depopulation: 1000 Injected Deaths per Week, in the UK (Dec 28 2022)
Dr Tenpenny 2023 Will Be A "Tsunami Of Regret" (Dec 29 2022)
Dr Tenpenny Tsunami of Deaths Already Started (Dec 9 2022)
Dr Tenpenny The Tsunami of Death Has Started And It's Multi-Generational (Oct 6 2022)
Dr Tenpenny You Cannot Become Unvaccinated (Jul 6 2022)
Dr Tenpenny The Covid Vaccine Shots Are All Murder Weapons. (Jun 14 2022)
Dr Tenpenny Dr Mikovits: 50 Million Will Die In US From Covid Vax (Jun 1 2022)
Dr Tenpenny The Bioweapon - "The Defilement of the Temple" (May 12 2022)
Dr Tenpenny Warning About What Is To Come (Apr 10 2022)
Dr Tenpenny Vax Induced AIDS (Apr 1 2022)

Dr Paul Thomas

Dr Paul Thomas
Dr Thomas Vaxxed vs UnVaxxed: Studies Find CDC Vaccine Schedule Hugely Harmful (Oct 17 2022)
Dr Thomas Govt, MSM, Public Health Can't Be Trusted (Jun 1 2022)
Dr Thomas The Jab Could End the Human Race

Helen Tindall

Helen Tindall
Helen Tindall The WHO's Pandemic Treaty in NZ (Mar 8 2023)

Dr James Thorp

Dr James Thorp Topics
Dr Jim Thorp Dr Jim Thorp: Stop All BioWeapon Vaxxing (Jan 9 2024)
Dr James Thorp "HHS-CDC is Marketing Murderous Lies to Everyone" (May 16 2023)
Dr Jim Thorp C19 Vax MisCarriages (Apr 23 2023)
Dr James Thorp The Greatest Violation of Medical Ethics in the History of Medicine/Humanity (Apr 10 2023)
Dr Thorp Shedding, Infertility Skyrocketing (Dec 8 2022)

Dr Mark Trozzi

Dr Mark Trozzi Topics
Dr Mark Trozzi Dr Mark Trozzi: Speech at Historic International Crisis Summit Romania (Nov 25 2023)
Dr Trozzi WEF, WHO treating people like unwanted animals.
Dr Trozzi DNA in the Vials Is a BioWeapon (Jun 1 2023)
Dr Mark Trozzi Roundtable Discussion with Leading Expert Embalmers (Apr 15 2023)
Dr Trozzi Toxic Metals in Covid Shots (Oct 13 2022)_

Dr Helen Tsigounis

Dr Helen Tsigounis Topics
Dr Helen Tsigounis Dr Helen Tsigounis: the Freemasons Control of the Medical Schools (Dec 29 2023)

Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura
Jesse Ventura Global Vaccine Genocide (Dec 9 2022)
John Wilson Status Quo of Australia (Nov 10 2022)

Archbishop Vigano

Archbishop Vigano Topics
Archbishop Vigano Archbishop Vigano: Linking Deep State Pedophilia With Fake Pandemic (Dec 16 2023)
Archbishop Vigano Archbishop Vigano: WEF Threatening Heads of Top 20 Industrialised Nations (Jan 4 2024)

Dr Naomi Wolf

Dr Naomi Wolf
Dr Naomi Wolf Proof Pfizer Put Cancer-Causing SV40 Agents in Vaccines (Oct 31 2023)
Dr Naomi Wolf What's in the Pfizer Documents - Health Problems, Death (Jun 2 2023)
Dr Naomi Wolf Pfizer's Depopulation Agenda (Jun 2 2023)
Dr Naomi Wolf Panel Discussion with Australian Senators & Pilots - Part 1/2 (May 2 2023)
Dr Naomi Wolf Panel Discussion with Australian Senators & Pilots - Part 2/2 (May 2 2023)
Dr Naomi Wolf "Vaccines" Are A Massive Crime Against Humanity (Apr 23 2023)
Dr Naomi Wolf Pfizer Documents Prove Mass Murder. The Jab Is A Bioweapon. (Jan 26 2023)
Dr Naomi Wolf C19 Shots Ruins Millions of Women's Bodies (Dec 27 2022)
Dr Naomi Wolf CDC Removed 32k Records of Myocarditis from VAERS (Dec 22 2022)
Dr Naomi Wolf Grand Jury Trials in Oregon Commencing! (Jul 7 2022)
Dr Naomi Wolf Expose Mass Vaccine Deception (Jul 7 2022)
Dr Naomi Wolf on Her Book "The Bodies of Others" (May 29 2022)

Ann van der Steel

Ann van der Steel
Ann Vandersteel with Dr Lee Merritt (Jun 18 2023)

Karel van Wolferen

Karel van Wolferen
van Wolferen About Ukraine, NATO, EU, NWO, and WEF (Mar 30 2022)

Patrick Wood

Patrick Wood
Patrick Wood A Million Mengeles? Transhumanism destroys nature. - ICIC (Jan 23 2023)

Dr Jane Ruby

Dr Jane Ruby
Dr Ruby Murder in Plain Sight. (Apr 13 2023)
Dr Ruby We Might Have 10 Million Dead (Mar 24 2022)

Dr Kelly Victory

Dr Kelly Victory
Dr Victory Overwhelming Evidence of Global Depopulation (Aug 10 2022)

Charlie Ward

Charlie Ward
Charlie Ward C19 Holocaust; No Amnesty! (Dec 22 2022)

Katherine Watt

Katherine Watt
Katherine Watt You are in a Military Exercise to Kill You Off (Oct 29 2023)
Katherine Watt Deep Dive into the Historical Backdrop of DoD, Pharma (Nov 14 2023)
Katherine Watt Make Murder A Crime Again (Jun 15 2023)
Katherine Watt Legal Walls of the Covid-19 Kill Box (Apr 11 2023)
Katherine Watt Why We The People Are The Targets (Mar 21 2023)
Katherine Watt Public Health Worldwide is Militarized (DoD) Creating "Kill Zones" For Global DePopulation (Feb 12 2023)
Katherine Watt DoD & WHO "Kill Box" Weapons: BioWeapons. (Jan 31 2023)

George Webb

George Webb
George Webb Part 1): Prep Act, Odessa BioWeapons, Alchem, Robert Malone, Vaping (Jan 18 2023)
George Webb (Part 2): Ukraine's Alchem, Inhalable Vaccines, Immune Dysregulation (Jan 18 2023)

Whitney Webb

Whitney Webb
Whitney Webb Stablecoins, CBDCS & AI Surveillance (Dec 31 2023)
Whitney Webb Sustainable Slavery - The UN & Digital ID (Jun 8 2023)
Whitney Webb The Mafia, CIA & Jeffrey Epstein Worked TOGETHER To Traffic Minors (Apr 2 2023)
Whitney Webb & Johnny Vedmore Gain of Function Industry (Mar 26 2023)
Whitney Webb We're In A Battle For The Fate Of Humanity (Mar 11 2023)
Whitney Webb CIA & Mossad-Linked Surveillance Systems Installed Throughout the US (Mar 11 2023)
Whitney Webb Exposing Scary Truths About WHO's New Chief Scientist (Jan 25 2023)
Whitney Webb Transhumanism As HealthCare. (Jan 24 2023)
Whitney Webb Transhumanist Jeremy Farrar & the WHO (Jan 17 2023)
Whitney Webb Transhumanism. (Jan 14 2023)
Whitney Webb How Deep State Mafia Controls Us (Jan 05 2023)
Whitney Webb How Elites Create New Class Of Slaves (Jan 09 2023)
Whitney Webb Eugenics Rebranded as Healthcare (Dec 6 2022)

World Council for Health

World Council for Health
World Council for Health - Presentations Numerous Presentations by Specialist Medical Doctors

Experience from Japan

Experience from Japan
Covid Japan Experience (日本語字幕) MY COVID-19 STORY (FROM JAPAN) (May 21 2022)

Dr Michael Yeadon

Dr Michael Yeadon Topics
Dr Mike Yeadon Dr Mike Yeadon: Covid Vaccine - Toxic By Design! (Dec 11 2023)
Dr Mike Yeadon Dr Mike Yeadon: Address to UK Parliament (Dec 4 2023)
Dr Mike Yeadon The State Committing Democide/Genocide Twice During Convid (Nov 6 2023)
Dr Mike Yeadon "This is Medical Murder". (Nov 18 2023) starts @ 10:22
Dr Yeadon How Humanity Takes Back Our Power (Jul 29 2023)
Dr Yeadon Hundreds of Thousands of Deaths Were Medical Murder (Jun 28 203)
Dr Yeadon C19 Purpose Was Complete Totalitarian Control, Mass Depopulation (Jun 24 2023)
Dr Yeadon Truth Be Told (May 13 2023)
Dr Yeadon C19 Injections Were Designed to Injure People, Intentionally (May 16 2023)
Dr Yeadon All Governments Are Lying. mRNA Injections Were Designed To Injure & Kill (May 11 2023)
Dr Yeadon Crime is Not Health (May 7 2023)
Dr Yeadon They Plan to Kill Millions (May 7 2023)
Dr Yeadon All 7 Deleted Videos on Talk Radio (Apr 17 2023)
Dr Yeadon International Crimes Investigative Committee (Apr 2023)
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Dr Yeadon Interview Part 2 of 2 (Jan 04 2023)
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Dr Yeadon Respiratory Viruses Don't Exist (Aug 5 2022)
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Dr Yeadon The lethality of the mRNA injections. (Jan 8th 2022)

Barry Young

Barry Young
Barry Young Alex Jones, Barry Young, Steve Kirsch, Liz Gunn, Maria Zeee, Hannah Spier (Dec 5 2023), starts @ 35:00

Dr Robert Young

Dr Robert Young
Dr Young, Dr Love The Worldwide Holocaust of Billions by Graphene Oxide & 5G Poisoning (May 16 2023)
Dr Robert Young Injection Trojan Horse: Nano-Graphene + Internet of Bodies + 5G (Apr 28 2023)
Pascal Najadi, Dr Robert Young Got Them On Case Law (Ap 16 2023)
Dr Robert Young The Research of Dr Robert Young (Feb 28 2023)
Dr Young c.o.v.i.d = "certificate of vaccine for identification" (May 21 2023) @ 28:30__

Leo Zagami

Leo Zagami
Leo Zagami The Globalists Push AntiChrist Through Mind Control (Dec 16 2022)
Leo Zagami Ex 33rd Degree Freemason Exposes the Illuminati & NWO Agenda (Mar 10 2022)


ZeeeMedia Maria Zee Interviews Key Researchers and MDs
Maria Zeee WHO Announces Global Vaccine Certificate (Jun 14 2023)
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Maria Zeee Good or Evil ... You Have to Pick a Side (Jan 28 2023)
ZEROTIME ZEROTIME - Bringing Truth Back Into the Media (Aug 10 2022)

Dr Liliana Zelada

Dr Liliana Zelada
Dr Zelada Astra-Zeneca Injection Full of Graphene (Jun 9 2023)
Dr Zelada "Tri-Valent" Flu Vaccine Contaminated with Graphene (Jun 9 2023)
Dr Zelada AstraZeneca Injection, Full of Graphene Oxide Ribbons (Feb 13 2023)
Dr Liliana Zelada Hepatitis B "Vax" Full of Graphene Oxide Ribbons (May 7 2023)

Dr Zev Zelenko

Dr Zev Zelenko
Dr Zelenko Vax is Bioweapon for Population Control (May 21 2022)
Dr Zelenko WW III - Civil War on the Horizon (May 7 2022)
Dr Zelenko Understanding The Diabolical Agenda & Child Sacrifice (May 5 2022)
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Dr Zelenko 90% of Those Who Took the Shots Will Die (Aug 12 2021)
Dr Zelenko NWO, The Real Agenda, VAIDS (Mar 23 2022)
Dr Zelenko Exposing the Medical Fraud of the Globalist Great Reset (Jan 18 2022)
Dr Zelenko Dr Zelenko Reveals What's Really Going On (Dec 14 2021)