Fetal Tissue

  • Fetal tissue is being harvested to use in vaccines. Confirmed by Stanley Plotkin under oath. [66]

  • Melissa Strickler, Pfizer Quality Auditor and whistleblower, leaks executives’ emails (from Feb 2021) saying the following: [111]

    • they want to avoid the public from knowing that Pfizer is using fetal (HEK293T) cells in the laboratory tests (IVE essay) and manufacturing process of the mRNA injections (BNT162b2). These cells come from aborted fetuses. HEK293T refers to “293T cell line, a highly transfectable derivative of human embryonic kidney 293 cells”.

    • The reason for covering this information up is to deny religious exemptions.

    • Names of Pfizer executives exposed: Philip Dormitzer (VP and Chief Scientific Officer, NY), Advait V Badkar, Vanessa Gelman (Senior Director Worldwide Research, communications group, Washington DC), Lara Joan Payne, Kenna Anne Swanson, Sarah Elizabeth Weiser, Michael Dolsten, Natalie Zaidman, Robert Enis, Ambereen Qureshi, Ana Barrias, Claudia Mabille-Strele, Sussane Keile, Anna Margarida Narciso Tome.