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Dealing with a Corrupt and Destructive Government

Government Poisoning the People

  • Lieutenant Colonel Riccardo Bosi, leader of the Australia One party, explains: [110]

    • “The Australian people are sovereign. Sovereignty is not granted by the government. The government is created by the people to meet their needs. When the government becomes destructive to those needs, the people have the right to remove it. Australians withdrew our consent, and we are winning. The dominoes are starting to fall. The politicians, the judiciary, the bureaucracy, the military, the media, academia, the constabulary, unions, big business, they are all playing this con game. They know it’s a lie. It’s about time they come tumbling down.”

    • “Regarding COVID-19, we need to investigate when and how it started (Fauci’s gain-of-function research in Wuhan, etc). Whether it was intentionally designed or an accident. These two facts need to be determined. On top of that, we need to determine why and how the Australian government is responding to foreign influence to progress their response.

    • There are questions about the disease, the efficacy, and safety of the alleged ‘vaccines’. We know they are not vaccines. They have not been trialed correctly. The animal trials were ceased because the animals kept dying. The evidence is there, but the main-stream media won’t cover it. The hospitals are full of the vaccine injured. This is of primary importance to us, because this is a case of genocide. [183] The Australian government (federal and state, in hand with each other) have been poisoning the Australian people through the use of these vaccines. Nursing mothers are dying 3 days after getting the jab. There are children suffering myocarditis (heart inflammation), which is unprecedented. Also unprecedented is the rate of spontaneous miscarriages, deformation of babies that are born. Through the roof. Nobody is speaking out.

    • The media is another group that would be examined; they will pay the price too because they have been lying to the Australian people. There isn’t true justice in the Australian way. These series of investigations, inquiries, will take years.

    • From governments, to bureaucracy, to the judiciary, the media, academia, and everybody who had a role in this, they will have to answer for their crimes. And these are the worst crimes we have ever seen. This is a moment without precedent in world’s history. And they killed millions of people.

    • This ‘reset’ is nothing more than ‘clearing the deck’ so other people can control the planet.” [110]

The Government is the Problem

  • Australia’s Senator Malcolm Roberts says in a recent public speech at the Gold Coast (2 Dec 2021):

    • Don’t expect solutions from politicians. Don’t keep voting for the same donkeys. Those donkeys are not working for us. They are not leaders, they are frauds. We are working with the public opinion, which is the only court that matters. We are all in that court.

    • Since the injections started, the actual deaths have gone straight up, above the usual average. The head of the TGA denies the 564 deaths since the vaccine (this is doctors reporting deaths due to vaccine).

    • Pfizer reports 43 billion dollars in earnings for 2021.

    • The TGA banned IVM. The government has blood on their hands for refusing IVM.

    • The government is the problem. They serve their parties and donors, and do not serve the people.

    • The media is also the problem. It’s a globally coordinated assault.

    • The government is killing this country to comply with a global order.

    • The core problem is the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, WWA, Green Peace, the Greens (Australian political party). They want to control people in behalf of the UN.

    • The Digital Integrity Bill: the government will sell your data to a corporation, stored overseas, and it will charge you for access to your medical data.

    • There are so many things heading towards bringing in a social credit system, like in China.

    • The parliament is also part of the problem, for not holding the government accountable.

    • We’ll be voting against every government bill until we get back freedom for the people.

    • “I ask you to hold the line, and stay united.”

Speaking to Australian Parliamentarians

  • Dr Peter McCullough, US Senator Johnson, speak to Australian Parliamentarians (Nov 30th, 2021) [131]

    • Senator Johnson (Wisconsin): “70,000 doctors are begging to make HCQ available, allowing doctors to practice medicine. They took away their prescription rights. It’s frustrating every step along the way. Dr Pierre Kory’s impassioned testimony on IVM was viewed by 8 million people before YouTube pulled it. They censored him. [We] can’t let people know that there is actually therapy and treatment other than the vaccine. We are up against the mainstream media, the social media, now the Biden administration, the health agencies, Dr Fauci, every step of the way here. All of the government’s response to COVID makes no sense. Main main message, what we are up against right now, is the basic human tendency to never admit you are wrong. This is with everybody involved. They have been so wrong for 18 months, and because of this, millions of people have died, when they didn’t have to die. They cannot admit they are wrong because they would have to admit that they are responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths. The challenge we have is that they are in control of the media, and they have the power to ensure that they will never be proven wrong. One of my primary strategies, and I’m so grateful that Robert F Kennedy Jr has written this book (“The Real Anthony Fauci – Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health” [132]). He put on 16 hours a day, writing this book over months. 2,200 footnotes, is unbelievably well researched. God help Australia.”

    • Dr Peter McCullough (academic, internist, cardiologist, trained epidemiologist, from Dallas, Texas):

      • “We are taking our message to the people. Everything is corrupt right now: the courts and the media are corrupt, the medical establishment, the medical literature. The only thing that matters at this point in time is the court of public opinion.
      • The only thing we have is the truth. We have the scientific truth, and in the end, we will prevail. But it’s going to take a tremendous amount of back-bone and endurance. The corrupt establishment is never going to admit they are wrong.
      • The Tuskegee experiment, from 1932 to 1972. [134] US public agencies took African-American men with and without syphilis, did not tell them their status, gave them phony placebos over decades (40 years), they withheld penicillin, which could’ve cured them, allowed the men to pass syphilis to their progeny and their wives, and they never said they were sorry. We are not going to have any apologies from the CDC or FDA, the TGA, the MHRA, or the EMA. This is going to be upon the court of public opinion.
      • Five quick points:
        • We’ve learned the virus does not spread asymptomatically. The only type of quarantine that matters is somebody sick with COVID-19, so we limit its spread. No one else needs to be limited in any way, shape or form.
        • Asymptomatic testing should be stopped immediately. None of the regulatory agencies have cleared it for that. Testing should only be done on purely symptomatic people, either the PCR or the antigen test. The Swedish were right: only need to restrict the people with symptoms.
        • Natural immunity is robust, complete and durable. Over 128 studies support natural immunity. Recently through a forced legal action, the CDC finally admitted / capitulated, that there is not a single case of getting COVID-19 a second time, and pass it on to someone else. It doesn’t happen. There is not a single bonafide case of reinfection. The only thing that exists is false positive tests that come up in various studies. There is a zero chance that someone gets the illness twice.
        • COVID-19 is treatable but it’s only treatable early with a multitude of drugs, and no single drug is necessary nor sufficient. Dr Chetty, South Africa, showed we need about 4 to 6 drugs to reduce viral application, treat the inflammation and thrombosis, but we can get patients through the illness, virtually all of them at home, with no hospitalisation.
        • The current genetic vaccines, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson are not sufficiently effective, nor sufficiently safe to warrant mass vaccination. At this point in time, we had calls from multiple groups, in France, South America, US included, 4 continents involved; calls from all over the world to pull the vaccines, to pause the vaccines for a thorough safety review. There will be safer vaccines coming forward in the future, that could be useful for the seniors, nursing how residents, and nursing home workers, in a very restricted way, but mass vaccination has turned out, from a public health perspective, to be a colossal disaster. There have been far too many deaths and injuries after the vaccines. And the vaccines have not had sufficient efficacy to warrant future use.
    • Dr Tess Lawrie (UK): Hospital is not a safe place to be if you’ve got COVID. Improving your immune system with Vitamins C, D, Zinc, Aspirin, anti-histamines, Quercetin, IVM, HCQ, work really well. The more you get of the components from those protocols, the quicker you get on top of it. You want to treat it really early, and avoid the clots and the chronic inflammation.

    • Prof Ian Brighthope (Victoria): “This is a repeat of the AIDs pandemic, but nowhere near as dangerous, apart from the application of the vaccines, which are genetic interference. I presented a protocol, and was completely ignored. Vitamin C, D, and Zinc, will prevent the majority of people on the face of this planet from getting COVID. The WHO has ignored the individual in all of this. Think more about prevention and improving the health of the individual.”

    • Ben Bornstein (Victoria): Our doctors get deregistered (loose their license) by AHPRA, for speaking up, so they are not allowed to provide the warnings that other doctors from overseas (US and UK) provide.

Spike Toxin, Auto-Immune Deaths

  • Dr Shankara Chetty (South Africa): [135]

    • Everyone knows that there are inconsistencies, fear mongering, coercion … we need to understand why.

    • The pathogen that is causing all the deaths in COVID illness (the corona virus that causes it has not been isolated) is the spike protein. And spike protein is what the vaccine is made to make in your body. Spike protein is one of the most contrived poisons that man has ever made. The aim of this toxin is to kill billions without anyone noticing it. So it is a poison with an agenda.

    • Now, we’ve got an engineered virus, and we’ve got a mandated vaccine, that follow on on each other. They’ve engineered a virus and put on this weapons-grade spike protein. So now we have this elaborated engineered toxin. It’s been put into a virus (a “vector”), and exposed the planet to a small dose of it. Initially, the spike protein triggers an allergic reaction. And the allergic reaction, if untreated, causes death. Is what we’ve seen with COVID illness. But that is not the end game. That is to test the water.

    • So you’re going to get a small percentage of people react; we’ll see all the deaths; the 8th day is when this reaction occurs; we isolate the planet for 14 days; nobody notices when this occurs; people get to hospital too late; we mandate hospital protocols to engineer death and damage, to steer all the fear and the rest that we need, we create all the confusion; we make sure we steer humanity towards mass formation; we take away all the faith and hope we have; we keep people isolated.

    • We’ve been conned to thinking that giving away our freedoms is the best thing for us. So the safest place for us was in jail. And that’s where we all are at this point in time. But the game that they’re playing with this engineered virus was to justify the vaccination of the planet. This will expose us to spike protein for a longer period.

    • So, the spike protein will trigger an immune response, an allergic reaction, but there are no immediate deaths from that. If you poison someone and they die immediately, they notice the poisoning. The first 14 days, when you give a vaccine, you get allergic reactions.

    • Following that, we’re going to see the endothelial injuries that this vaccine (through the spike protein) causes with its influence to ACE2 receptors. Those deaths that are meant to follow will never be pinned on to spike protein, a very well engineered toxin. Now, spike protein is also a membrane protein, so the mRNA will distribute this throughout our body, it will be made in various tissues, and incorporated into those membranes around our body, in those specific tissues. Those tissues will be recognised as foreign and we’ve triggered a host of autoimmune responses.

    • So the deaths that follow the vaccination will never be pinned on the poison. They will be too diverse, too many, on a too broad time frame, for us to understand that we have been poisoned. This is the big plan.

    • This toxin is dependent on the hosts response to it. The 8th day and the illness that follows depends on the host’s response. So we had mild, moderate, and severe illness post 8th day, and it confused all of us. So we kept talking about COVID pneumonia. But we’re chasing the virus, and the virus was just the vector to give us a taste of the poison.

    • This toxin, in the long term, is going to get people with pre-existing illnesses to have all those illnesses exacerbated. It has bits of prion and HIV in it; it is definitely engineered. So, people with cancers are going to have their cancers flared up, and they’ll say they died of the cancer. People with vessel injuries or predisposition, like diabetics and hypertension, are going to have strokes and heart attacks, and all the rest, in varying times, and they’ll attribute those to the pre-existing conditions. People are going to develop, over time, auto-immune conditions, a diversity of which will never be addressed by any pharmaceutical intervention, because they are far too targeted. And so we have a rough road coming.