Politicians Speak

European Parliament

European Parliament
Exposing the Covid Scam Exposing the Covid Scam in the European Parliament (Jan 9 2024)
International Covid Summit EU Covid Summit III Part 2 (May 17 2023)
International Covid Summit International Covid Summit, Part 1, EU Parliament, Brussels (May 14 2023)
EU Parliament Conference on "Covid" Corruption (Nov 9 2022)__
EU Parliament Covid Injections and "Pandemic" Management (Oct 17 2022)
EU Parliament, Christine Anderson
Chistine Anderson MEP Fighting For Freedom (Jan 31 2023)
MEP_Anderson The (Covid) House of Cards is Tumbling (Nov 8 2022)
Italian Health Minister Under Investigation Former Italian Health Minister Under Investigation for Homicide (Dec 12 2023)
Italian Health Minister Italian Health Minister Under Investigation for Concealing Vaccination Murders (Dec 12 2023)
Recall the Shots
Recall the Shots Testimony to Washington County, Idaho Commissioner (May 24 2023)

UK Parliament

UK Parliament
UK Parliament 500K Injured by mRNA Injects (Dec 14 2022)
US Senator Johnson
Senator Johnson Roundtable Discussion on Covid Vaccines (Dec 7 2022)
Robert F Kennedy Jr
Robert F Kennedy Jr Announcing Presidential Seat (Apr 19 2023)__
General Flynn
General Flynn "We Are Winning" - Emergency Report (Mar 27 2023)
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Special Hearing on C19 Shot Injuries (Nov 14 2023)

Australian Senators

AU Senator Malcolm Roberts
Australia Senator Roberts Injections Are Genocide: NanoTech (Apr 24 2023)
Sen Roberts We have been misled (Mar 30 2022)
AU Senator Rennick
AU Senator Rennick Destroying the COVID narrative (Jan 08 2023)
Senator Rennick 140,000 Jab Injuries (Dec 06 2022)
Riccardo Bosi
Riccardo Bosi The Elite Heads Eliminated. Military Tribunals Coming (Apr 24 2023)
Clive Palmer
Clive Palmer Covid Deaths Equiv One Jumbo Jet Crashing Every Week (Mar 14 2023)
NSW Data
NSW Data The Vaxxed Are Injured Or Dead (Mar 15 2023)
AU Senator Babet
Senator Babet Investigate Excess Deaths and CoverUps (Apr 26 2023)
AU Ex-MP, George Christensen
MP Christensen My Biggest Regret (Nov 29 2022)

Other Politicians

Martin Sichert (AFP MP)
Germany Deaths 2021-2022 Sudden Deaths in Germany 2021-2022 (Dec 14 2022)
Japan Gov
Japan Gov Vax Injuries And Excess Deaths (Mar 14 2023)
Irish Gov
Irish Gov: No Covid Irish Gov Admits that Covid Does Not Exist (Jul 7 2022)
Russia Releases 2k Page Report Proving Covid Was a Globalist Bioweapon (Nov 29 2023)