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ZeroTime ZEROTIME: Why The Government Cannot Be Trusted (Aug 17 2022)
Del Bigtree Del Bigtree: Pandemic Politics - Inside the US Covid Debacle (Aug 19 2022)
Session 101 Session 101: "Constructive Interference", Corona Committee (Apr 22 2022) starts @ 29:30
Session 101 - part 2 Session 101 (part 2): "Constructive Interference", Corona Committee (Apr 22 2022)
War on Humanity Todd Callendar & Dr Peter Chambers : War on Humanity (Apr 19 2022)

Politicians and Bureaucracy

  • The current lockdowns and injection mandates throughout any country in the world are unconstitutional, as discussed above: No government has the right to coerce or mandate experimental injections. It goes against the Constitution, the Human Rights, the Declaration of Helsinki, the Syracusa Principles, and the Nuremberg Code.

  • Those politicians and public officials are criminals, and will be prosecuted in due course.

Join the Battle to End Slavery by Vaccines and 5G

  • Emanuel Pastereich, who served as the president of the Asia Institute, a Washington think tank, gives a warning in his "Join the Battle to End Slavery by Vaccines, and 5G" speech: [380]
    • The next world war, and more critically, the next civil war, are shaping up to be fundamentally different in nature.
    • This war has already started.
    • The drive to implement 5G microwave electronic broadcast across the United States, and around the world, as a follow up to the push for the COVID-19 vaccines that contain nano-devices and the electricity-responsive toxin Graphene oxide, is an indication that we are about to enter the next stage of this war. The conflict of Ukraine, real or imagined, is dwarfed in comparison.
    • The bogus vaccines to weaken the body through mRNA, the 5G assault on the body and mind, the degraded educational and journalistic content that we drown in, all of this is aimed at reducing us to slavery, those of us who survive.
    • At the core of the drive for a new slavery, in response to false gods of finance, lies the cynical extension of the methods for creating meat at factory farms into the governance of man. The destruction of the genetic code of cows and pigs that rendered them as a helpless GMOs is being repeated right now as our citizens are made GMOs by vaccination.
    • The process for rendering us as slaves can be divided into four steps:
      • The first step is the demolition of constitutional rights and the creation of a metastasized corporate-government administrative structure that is accountable to no one and that makes all long-term policy in response to demands from the super-rich, multinational investment banks and IT monopolies like Facebook, Amazon and Google (Alphabet).
      • The second step is the destruction of the local economy so that citizens can no longer produce anything for themselves and must obtain food, services and all products from multinational corporations. At the same time, they can only find work in organizations run, directly or indirectly, by such multinational corporations.
      • The third step is the destruction of bodily autonomy through the forced vaccinations and for-profit corporate medicine.
      • The fourth step is the destruction of spiritual autonomy and of intellectual freedom. The billionaires are set on creating a new class of trans-humans. Trans-humans are slaves who are dependent on AI, who have nano-devices in their blood and in their brains, and who are reduced to passive customers whose desires are dictated to them by corporations.
    • These four steps will render the entire population as physical, economic, spiritual, and intellectual slaves without the vast majority even being capable of understanding what is taking place.
    • Do not deceive yourself into thinking that a criminal attack on citizens, on this scale, can be stopped by passing few laws or by a posting a few memes on Facebook.
    • The start of C-Band 5G service by AT&T and Verizon is scheduled for this month, January 2022, in the United States, a month that will live in infamy.
    • Numerous studies, dismissed or ignored by the corporate media, show that COVID-19 vaccines are meant to ready the bodies of citizens for control via these powerful 5G irradiation platforms, broadcasting systems whose intensity can be increased without the knowledge of citizens.
    • The vaccines released by Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, and others contain nano-devices and materials sensitive to electricity intended to create a direct link between 5G broadcasts and the functionality of the body.
    • Nano-routers, nano-antennas, and most importantly the toxin Graphene oxide have been found in these fluids.
    • The nano-devices and microdots that can operate in the bloodstream and circulate though the body to the brain, are no fantasy. The Department of Defense’s research institute DARPA has conducted numerous projects in this field (many of which are classified, but some of which are accessible).
    • These devices can be activated by 5G radiation as they enter the nervous system—thus allowing for manipulation of the emotions, the thinking and the actions of the citizen via external stimulation.
    • Graphene oxide is attracted to electrical activity and therefore gravitates to the spine, the brain, and the heart: the organs that release the largest amounts of electricity. We have already witnessed the resulting heart attacks, and the sudden deaths, among athletes resulting from vaccines containing Graphene oxide.
    • We must first recognize the dire situation and end the psychology of denial and distraction.
    • We must undertake a revolutionary transformation while at the same time remaining loyal to the Constitution and to our moral principles.
    • It will be an extremely difficult painful process. But, at this point, we have no choice.

The Ruling Elites And Governments Are Against Us

Dr Paul Craig Roberts writes: (Feb 01 2022) [433]

  • We are ruled by our enemies who intend to take away our civil liberty, replace truth with their self-serving propaganda, and to kill and injure us with dangerous vaccines.

  • The entire Western media is a lie machine that covers up for the tiny global elite and furthers their interests.

  • We cannot trust any government, any public health authority, or the media.

  • The independent scientists and journalists who tell the truth are slandered, demonized, accused of disinformation, censored, fired, and called "domestic terrorists".

  • It is a proven fact that the mRNA vaccines do not protect against Covid but do cause serious health injuries and death. Nevertheless, the authorities continue to push vaccination while preventing the use of known cures for Covid, such as monoclonal antibodies, Ivermectin, and HCQ.

  • The “Covid Pandemic” is an orchestration produced by the use of a PCR test that produces a high percentage of false positives, thus greatly exaggerating the number of reported cases, and by reporting almost all deaths for every cause as “Covid deaths.” The fact is that most people who died from Covid were people with co-morbidities, that is, people already suffering from serious illness, who were not treated for Covid or were treated by ineffective methods.

  • What we are experiencing is intentional medical malpractice worsened by mass vaccination that causes variants that keep the “pandemic” going.

  • Authorities everywhere have shown that they are totally indifferent to the will of the people as expressed in mass protests. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has absurdly blamed the massive truckers’ protest on “Russian agents.”

  • The governments and medical establishments are totally unresponsive to the people.

  • This is tyranny. It must be overthrown.