Sites for Truth

"All tyranny needs, to gain a foothold, 
is for people of good conscience 
to remain silent."
   Thomas Jefferson

The following is a list of sites by people from around the world (medical doctors, researchers, lawyers, reporters) fighting to protect our freedoms ... health, speech, religion, assembly, and more.

"Advocate Me" - Australian Lawyers Standing Up For Liberty (class actions, document templates, etc) Alliance for Human Research Protection

Alliance for Human Research Protection - Advancing Voluntary, Informed Consent to Medical Intervention

A Right to Know - a site by actress and journalist Sherry B.

Australia Exits The WHO - web site

BrandNewTube - Uncensored Documentaries - current events, politics, health - A site by Mike Adams

C19 Vax Reactions: Experiences of Americans who been seriously injured by the COVID vaccines

Dr Carrie Madej - "Healthy Living" - Downloadable Resources (Non Consent Paper, How to Say No to the Shot, Exemption Letter, Medical Religious Exemption, etc)

Children's Health Defense - site by Robert F Kennedy Jr.

Ciencia y Salud Natural - site in Spanish ("Science and Natural Health")

Citizens for Free Speech

The Complete Guide to Health

The Corona Committee, Dr Reiner Füllmich, Dr Viviane Fischer, Dr Wolfgang Wodarg (100+ video interviews, in German and English) - this site presents evidence of auto-assembling nano-technologies in the Pfizer injection. Research results by Dr Denis Rancourt and Team

CovidMedicalNetwork - Senior medical doctors and health professionals concerned about the Australian response for SARS-CoV-2.

The Covid Blog - Community Guidelines, Legal USA, HCQ, IVM, etc

Covid Vaccine Injuries - A community web site.

Correlation-Canada - Research in the Public Interest

Crimes Against Humanity Tour USA

Daily Clout - a site by Naomi Wolf, exposing the tyranny of BigPharma and more.

The Defender - a site by Robert F Kennedy Jr., exposing the crimes of Big Pharma

Doctors Against Mandates - a group of Queensland (Australia) to challenge State Gov

Doctors and Science - Dr Paul Thomas, MD - Interviews, podcasts, books

Doctors for COVID Ethics

Don't You Dare - James Roguski - Exposing the WHO's Power Grab

Door to Freedom - Exposes that the WHO Treaty is BioWeapon Warfare & Dictatorship

Dr Pierre Kory: C19 Critical Care Alliance

Dr Trozzi

"Due Diligence and Art" - Dr Sasha Latypova

DwTruthWarrior - David Whitehead: The Occult History of Our Medical System and the Plandemic

The Everyday Concerned Citizen - Kash Patel's Lawsuits against the Deep State (Biden, Clintons, etc.)

FLCCC - Frontline Covid19 Critical Care Alliance - A HealthCare company in the US, not controlled by Government nor BigPharma

Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC)

Fully Live Academy - Dr David Martin - Attorney General Document Against Fauci/Daszak/Baric/FDA/CDC/NIAID/Moderna/Pfizer in US Courts

Global Covid Summit


Global Truth Network

Global Walkout

Greg Reese - Editor and Producer for documentaries

Guardians of Medical Choice - lawsuit against Houston Methodist Vaccine Mandates

The Herland Report

The Highwire with Del Bigtree - honest, truthful reporting, with interviews

How Bad Is My Batch? - Batch codes and associated deaths, disabilities and illnesses for Covid-19 Vaccines

Human Rights Advocates - Australia (to launch complaints against employers)

Immunoceutica - Empowering Immunity Naturally

Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) - on geopolitics, exposing the machinations of the NWO, the corrupt elites.

International Crimes Investigative Committee (ICIC) - Dr Reiner Füllmich's new initiative

Jessica's Universe - by Dr Jessica Rose, a place for people who like data and truth.

Justice for Medicine - Dr Michael Alexander (Canada)

Kelly Bacher Alternative Roots: Live Blood Cell Analysis from Canada. Found Graphene, Nanotech, Parasites in the Blood.

The Kingston Report - A collection of Links, from Karen Kingston, on Demonic Technologies Behind Covid-19, including links to Scientific Articles on Lipid Nano-Particles (LNPs), Quantum Dots, Darpa, AI Nano-Weapons, Spike Proteins, etc

Leave The WHO - discloses nano-tech found in the injections

Lifesitenews - News, Resources, Videos

Dr Lee Merritt - "The Medical Rebel" - Fighting against medical tyranny

Dr Meryl Nass Substack - Disentangling Covid, WHO and Global Governance Disinformation - a site by Karen Kingston. Support the Covid-19 Take Down - It's Time We Reunite as Humanity and Take Down Covid-19.

My Cycle Story: Unvaccinated women report cycle changes after being near vaccinated people.

My Free Doctor

The National Health Federation - COVID-19: The Science We Should Know (Feb 8 2022) (395 pages, PDF document)

Natural News - Defending Health, Life, and Liberty

News Punch - Where the Media Fears to Tread

Oval Media - Films, Documentaries, Commentary, Talk Shows, Live Replays.

PanData - A group of multi-disciplinary professionals, who perceived the global reaction to Covid was overwrought and damaging to the point of causing a great tear in the fabric of society.

Dr Paul Craig Roberts - Institute for Political Economy

Prevent Genocide 2030 - Dr Rima Laibow: Prevent Global Genocide Exiting the WHO and the UN!

Prosecute Now

La Quinta Columna - Spain-based researchers finding Graphene Oxide and Micro-Technology in mRNA Vaccines

React19 - web site supporting more than 30,000 people seriously injured by the C19 injections

The Real Dr Judy - Dr Judy Mikovits, presentations, products, newsletters

Real Not Rare - A Community of people injured by COVID-19 vaccines speak up.

The Real SDI - Fighting Human Trafficking

SixthSense - BitChute Channel

Stand for Health Freedom - resources: fight for freedom, face masks faqs, religious freedoms, pcr testing

Standing for Humanity - BitChute Channel - Collection of Videos Exposing Truths

SteelTruth - "We Give People A Voice"

Stew Peters Show - honest reporting, with interviews

StopTheWho - James Roguski's 100 Reasons to stop the treaty.

Stop World Control

Stop World Control - Grand Jury's Veredict

Dr Sherri Tenpenny - Voice of Reason about Vaccines and Current Events

The Testimonies project - Testimonies of the Jab Injured in Israel (in Hebrew)

Time to Free America - Exposes the Corrupt Elite Trying to Fulfill the "Mark of the Beast" Prophecy

The Patriot Light - Defending Life and Freedom - Treatment Guides, Medical-Legal Help


Unacceptable Jessica - Dr Jessica Rose - Substack podcasts, videos, community

Unconditional Jessica - Dr Jessica Rose - Links to resources

Uniting NYS - Be part of the movement to return the power to WE THE PEOPLE

Unlimited Hangout - Investigative site by Whitney Webb, exposing Deep State corruption

Vaccine Police: use it to put public officials on notice for why their actions are unlawful. - a site by Albert Benavides, the VAERs Auditor, exposing the Covid Crime

VaxxChoice: Attorney Todd Callender, Dr Lee Vliet, Dr Ana Mihalcea, Dr Pete Chambers - Access to Side Effects Information on the VigiBase, WHO's Global Database.

Viral Immunologist: Dr Byram W Bridle - Canada

Watkins & Letofsky, LLP: Full Service Civil Litigation Law Firm (US, California, Nevada)

World Council for Health

World Doctors Alliance

World Freedom Alliance

ZeeeMedia - Maria Zee Interviews Key Researchers and MDs Exposing the Dangers of the Injections

Dr Vladimir Zelenko - Home site