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A False Flag Operation

Ole Dammegård interview with Dr Reiner Füllmich and Dr Viviane Fischer: [229, 230]

  • “False flags” are military operations. In the old days 1600s, 1700s, empires like Britain, Holland, Spain, Portugal, were plundering and raping nations. They had military forces doing this without problem. Sometimes it caused problems with trading agreements. They were absolute bullies. Someone invented a new way of doing it: use a flag from one of those nations, put it on one of our ships, let that ship attack ourselves, it makes us the victim, and justifies our attack on them. The rest of the world will applaud us. The pirates got hold of the same idea, and did the same. So, in a “false flag” the attacked one is actually the attacker. It’s a psychological mind twist.

  • So, when something happens, always stop and see what happened. It always comes from the mindset of the attacked one. They are the ones with the outflow of information.

  • Sometimes it is a film set with crisis actors. Like a commercial. The product that they sell is fear.

  • Sometimes it is a hybrid, when you have real victims, and crisis actors.

  • The “false flag” delivers a pretext for something they want to do.

  • They are looking for different methods of how to control us. They want us to get on our knees and worship them like gods.

  • There is always a small group of psychopaths, without empathy, who are ruthless in their actions. They are “ego on steroids”.

  • How can psychopaths with a flowerpot on their heads (like the old Greeks and Romans) get to control the whole world? The psychology of populations: Fear. They need people fearful. It is always management by fear.

  • There’re a few messages we need to understand: ▪ “Divide and Conquer”: they try to divide us so they can control us (religious, political, racial divisions, etc.). This prevents people from finding the root cause of the problem.

▪ “Diversion”: every time they do something (even military operations, black ops), they create a distraction to take people’s attention away from the real issue.

▪ “Problem-Reaction-Solution”: This is the one that is controlling us. It works as follows: - The elite secretly creates a problem: “alleged man shooting”, “alleged terror attack”, “alleged/arranged financial crash”, “virus”. - The problem creates fear in the population. That elicits an emotional reaction. The population then seeks for help and protection. - The government responds: ‘Here comes the solution.’ The solution was there from day 1.

  • The “corona in the needle” was there from day 1. Their problem was how can they push it into us. They needed to get us into fear mode, they needed people to say “please let me suicide myself; let me push it into my babies at the same time”.

  • All wars started as false flag operations. People don’t like fighting. The elites create the fear, the bankers finance the wars, the peacemakers are part of the same elite themselves going there to negotiate with other members of the elite, to keep it going. The whole game of death and destruction makes billions (of money), on the population’s pain and misery.

  • Dr Viviane Fischer: Let’s assume there is a purpose behind it: (i) making money, (ii) modifying the human species genetically, (iii) population reduction, (iv) introducing a new political and financial system. Is there one specific purpose they have in mind, or is it a multi-purpose initiative?

  • Ole Dammegård: The answer is yes. The corona is just one part of it. It is an updated, current version, of how to control the world. Corona has been the one that pushed the world population into doing the same thing.

  • Initially I didn’t know that top political assassinations were coordinated by the same forces. I didn’t know that behind different variations of disasters, were the same financial forces: Big Pharma, NATO, EU. When you look behind the scenes, you have the same forces, the same individuals, the same financial interests, the same power structure. They created these front “companies”, “agencies”, which you can hire them to do your dirty work, to enforce your will on people who don’t want it.

  • One way of understanding what’s going on, goes under the name of the “New World Order”. That was presented by George Bush (Senior), in 1990. On Sep-11, he presented it and said “we are taking over, and it’s for your own good”. That is absolutely so not true. But evil always presents itself as a solution. Always comes upside down. Evil needs to knock on the door. It cannot push itself on us. It’s up to us to look into who is it that wants to enter our lives. With Corona some people opened the door (offered their arms for the needle). Others didn’t.

  • The “New World Order”, the idea they had for generations, they are not hiding this. It’s in their biographies, their memoirs, the different plans, the different operations. They want a One-World Fascist State. That’s why they want to take away the borders between countries. Many of the things they do are “double-edge sword”: some things may be good for us (but not all). One Leader, One Fascist Global Dictatorship.

  • They want a One World Army (US+UN+NATO). They are also creating problems with active problem-reaction-solution. They’re even bringing UN troops without ammunition to some areas, to create a problem. It’s a One World Army to control us, not to protect us. It is presented as for our benefit, but it is absolutely not.

  • They also want a One World Religion. They want to destroy all independent religions (burning mosques, churches).

  • They want to reduce the population by 2/3, because it’s easier to control less people. They want to get rid of the “useless eaters”. It’s not right to play God. They have no right to decide who should live and who not.

  • They also want a One-World Digital Currency. As long as you have cash money, you can purchase anything anywhere. The danger is that, with digital currency they can control who can purchase things and who cannot. If you don’t behave, they can turn you off. This is brutal. Cash is king, and cash is freedom. Decentralised is good, centralised is not good, because it puts power on the few.

  • They want “Agenda 21”. It’s different from “Agenda 2030”. Agenda 21 is the 21st century. Agenda 2030 is a middle stage. Agenda 21 is also called the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” at the World Economic Forum. This is proposed by the elite at the top of the pyramid, which are Devil worshippers. Agenda 21 was created by a Bilderberger.

  • If you want “fairy tales” you read the newspapers, and the news. If you want the reality, watch the movies, because it is through them that they prepare us for what’s coming. We’re being manipulated in a massive scale.

  • Dr Reiner Füllmich: The start of WWII was a false flag event. Sep 11 2001 was another false flag to start the Iraq War. Now looking at “Corona”, can the people behind this overplayed their hands? Why? People realised early that this is another false flag event.

  • Ole Dammegård: “Corona” is another setup, a plan to take over the whole world in one operation.

  • Dr Füllmich: A witness showed that the hospitals were not full. They forged the numbers. They got rid of 30% of ICU beds.

  • Ole Dammegård: The Bush family is part of the corrupt elite, from Prescott Bush (the grandfather) contributing to Hitler’s Nazi effort, to George Bush (senior) CIA covert operations and the phony war on drugs, to George W Bush (junior) role in Sep 11 2001. And Jeb Bush in Florida (1999-2007), another well-known drug dealer. [231]

  • The Clintons, are part of them. The Clintons, through the Mena US Army base in Arkansas smuggled guns to fuel the Central American Wars, and brought back Colombian Cocaine to the US. [232] Remember the Iran-Contra scandal, Oliver North, a key person in that drug operation. This started the Crack epidemic in the 1984-1990s. The objective was to destroy society. The Clintons are serial killers, absolute mobsters, super criminals. The Oklahoma bombing (1985) was also related, because the authorities had evidence stored there against the Clintons, and it was a distraction to remove that evidence.

  • Dr Füllmich: So what do we get out of this? Don’t trust anything or anyone, make our own minds, get our own information from sources we consider credible, and then figure out what to make of this. Do not accept any mainstream media stories, they’re wrong and propaganda. We had no idea how corruption had permeated much of our society, probably 70-80%. That became clearer to me through “Corona”. Everything needs to be questioned. Those who are behind this must be behind other similar incidents and wars.

  • Ole Dammegård: It feels better to know we are following truth, that what we’re doing is right. Very important to come up against the beast and not back down.

  • Dr Füllmich: I applaud everyone who speaks truth to power. It takes a lot of courage. It’s important for them to connect with us, so they know that they are not alone.

  • Dr Fischer: This is a critical moment. It’s a long-term operation. This vaccine is showing a lot of side-effects, but they’re still maneuvering people to take the vaccine. Even the vaccinated don’t want to get boosters, because they’re becoming aware of the dangers. Who’s writing the script to carry it on all around the world in the same way?

  • Ole Dammegård: Agenda 21 is what is being played now. They’re not hiding, they’re boasting about this operation. The end-goal of it is a One World Government. They will be in charge of all land, all air, all food, all media, all education, all energy, all military, all police, including your bodies. The mRNA with patented operating systems that are been pushed in the Moderna and Pfizer, injected on people, they’ll become patented. Agenda 21 says you’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy, including your children. That agenda is played in local, national and international levels. All of these countries simultaneously. It’s a brutal game. At the end it implies total control of everything. The boosters will go on, because they want the complete population of this earth injected with their drug from hell.

  • Doctors from inside that business (Dr Carrie Madej, Dr Sherri Tempenny, etc.) are talking, saying this is what is inside them. The effect of these things, looking into the microscope, is like watching a zombie horror movie. The sample blood of people who have been vaccinated looks like a war zone. People who have been working in these laboratories are saying they have never seen anything like it. It’s a “zombie poison juice”. They are 0% for your health. They are 100% poison: heavy metals, cobalt, magnesium, lipid nano particles, eggs of parasites, graphene oxide, (which is incredibly toxic, and starts moving when you put 5G technology around it), super magnetic particles, parts from fetuses. Moderna’s web site admits these things are synthetic operating systems. You cannot trust Gates, Fauci, Klaus Schwab. They are totally evil.

  • Dr Fischer: The authorities should look into the adverse effects of these vaccines. All hell broke loose. Something goes inside your body, causes harm, and nobody is looking into it. It’s definitely wrong.

  • Dr Füllmich: Ole, you mentioned they have to knock on our door and you have to let them in. Why is it that they need our cooperation? Why is everything open: the “Great Reset”, the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”? It is because there are not enough of them?

  • Ole Dammegård: If you read in the Bible, Evil has to knock on the door. Evil has to show itself. They always leave clues in the forensic evidence of upcoming attacks. They are extremely afraid of the law of karma: “what you do, comes back to you”. They think that if they show us what they’re going to do, and we do not react, then we indirectly consent, so the bad karma comes into our shoulders, not theirs. If they show us and we don’t react, it even gains good karma on their part. It is so twisted.

  • Dr Füllmich: It reminds me of the universal saying “the writing on the wall” (the Biblical account of Babylon’s fall to Medo-Persia, Daniel 5:5). Some of us can see it, some people don’t.

  • Dr Fisher: Maybe the “Corona” story is winding down a bit. Maybe they need to revitalise it. We can see that the ones in hospitals now are the vaccinated. Is there a slow melt-down of the financial system? Are we looking at some larger events coming up?

  • Ole Dammegård: People are not fearful any more, so they’re loosing their grip. They need to activate the fear. So they start talking about terrorism, and violent crime again. Notice that when Corona came in, Isis went on holidays. So many of these alleged crimes didn’t happen. They need to shake you up so you think you live in a world of terror. We are being manipulated through the screens (TV). Many of them say “s.m.a.r.t”, when they should say “e.v.i.l.”. It is a sewage opening. Whoever controls digital information: mainstream media is controlled, but alternative media is also infiltrated.

  • We are being tricked by master manipulators. It’s like a magician with a rabbit. You need to look at the other hand, from all angles.