Religious Exception Letter


Dear Mr/Mrs ___

Position , Name of Institution

This letter is to serve as notification that I would like to exercise my right to a religious waiver from the Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) vaccination because I find vaccinations to be in extreme violation of my personal religious beliefs. The following are ways in which these violations manifest themselves in the vaccinations recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and this institution of higher learning:

1 Corinthians 6:19,20 and 10:31 remind us that we are to regard our bodies as temples of God's Holy Spirit and that we are to honour God, our Creator and possessor of our very bodies by not defiling them. Notwithstanding the presence of socially sacrificed human cells and debris in vaccinations, I firmly believe that the presence of neurotoxins, hazardous substances, attenuated viruses, animal cells, foreign DNA, albumin from human blood, carcinogens, and chemical wastes is in strict violation of our imperative to treat our bodies as holy temples of the very Spirit of God. Some, if not all of these ingredients are found in the Pfizer/BioNTech, and Moderna Vaccines.

1 Corinthians 6:19, 20 
19 Do you not know that your body 
is the temple of the holy spirit within you, 
which you have from God?
 Also, you do not belong to yourselves, 
20  for you were bought with a price. 
By all means, glorify God in your body.

1 Corinthians 10:31
31  Therefore, whether you are eating 
or drinking or doing anything else, 
do all things for God’s glory.

Genesis 9:4, Leviticus 17:10-11, 17:14, Deuteronomy 12:23, Acts 15:20 and 29 informs us that blood represents the life force of human and animal species and that human blood was to be kept pure under all circumstances and free from contaminants such as foreign substances, synthetic chemicals, animal cells, parts, and blood. The core and existence of my faith is founded on blood.

Genesis 9:4
4  Only flesh with its life - its blood - you must not eat.

Leviticus 17:10-11
10  If any man of the house of Israel 
or any foreigner who is residing in your midst 
eats any sort of blood, 
I will certainly set my face against the one who is eating the blood, 
and I will cut him off from among his people. 
11  For the life of the flesh is in the blood, 
and I myself have given it on the altar for you to make atonement for yourselves, 
because it is the blood that makes atonement by means of the life in it. 

Leviticus 17:14
14  For the life of every sort of flesh is its blood, because the life is in it. 
Consequently, I said to the Israelites: “You must not eat the blood 
of any sort of flesh because the life of every sort of flesh is its blood. 
Anyone eating it will be cut off.

Deuteronomy 12:23
23  Just be firmly resolved not to eat the blood, 
because the blood is the life, 
and you must not eat the life with the flesh.

Acts 15:20, 29
20 but to write them to abstain from things polluted by idols, 
from sexual immorality, from what is strangled, and from blood.

29  to keep abstaining from things sacrificed to idols, 
from blood, from what is strangled, and from sexual immorality. 
If you carefully keep yourselves from these things, 
you will prosper. Good health to you!

The use of cells, cellular debris, protein, and DNA from willfully aborted human children violate the very basic commands found in Exodus 20:13 and Deuteronomy 5:17 which instructs us to not murder. These cells and debris are found in the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

Exodus 20:13  
13  You must not murder.

Deuteronomy 5:17
17  You must not murder.

The following ingredients were derived from no fewer than 107 human souls who were sacrificed for social reasons and then used in past and ongoing vaccine research: PER C6, HEK293, WI-38 (RA 27/3), WI-1, WI-2, WI-3, WI-4 WI-5, WI-6, WI-7, WI-8, WI-9m WI-10, WI-11, WI-12, WI-13, WI-14, WI-15, WI-16, WI-17, WI-18, WI-19, WI-20, WI-21, WI-22, WI-23, WI-24, WI-25, WI-26, WI-27, WI-38, WI-44, and MCR-5 plus many other ingredients obtained from human children not required to be listed by FDA guidelines.

Supporting vaccination and vaccine development is an endorsement of the sacrifice of these and the continuing sacrifice of other human souls.

Genesis 1:27-28, 4:1, 2 Kings 17:17-18, Psalm 22:10-11, 106:35, 37-38, 113:7-9, 127:3, 139:13-16, Amos 1:13, Matthew 18:1-4, and 19:13-15 are just a few verses that illustrate the aforementioned children as blessings from God that are valued and loved by him, their Creator, in whose image they were created and that their killing is condemned by God.

Genesis 1:27-28
27  And God went on to create the man in his image, 
in God’s image he created him; male and female he created them. 
28  Further, God blessed them, and God said to them: 
“Be fruitful and become many, fill the earth and subdue it, 
and have in subjection the fish of the sea and the flying creatures of the heavens 
and every living creature that is moving on the earth.”

Genesis 4:1 
1 Now Adam had sexual relations with his wife Eve, 
and she became pregnant. When she gave birth to Cain, 
she said: “I have produced a male child with the help of יהוה.”

2 Kings 17:17-18
17  They also made their sons and their daughters pass through the fire, 
they practiced divination and looked for omens, and they kept devoting themselves 
to do what was bad in the eyes of יהוה, to offend him.
18  So יהוה was very angry with Israel, so that he removed them from his sight. 
He did not let any remain but the tribe of Judah alone.

Psalm 22:10-11
10  I have been entrusted to your care from birth;
From my mother’s womb, you have been my God.
11  Do not stay far off from me, for trouble is near
And I have no other helper.

Psalm 106:35-38
35  But they mingled with the nations
And adopted their ways.
36  They kept serving their idols,
And these became a snare to them.
37  They would sacrifice their sons
And their daughters to demons.
38  They kept spilling innocent blood,
The blood of their own sons and daughters
Whom they sacrificed to the idols of Caʹnaan;
And the land was polluted with bloodshed.

Psalm 113:7-9
 7  Raising the lowly from the dust.
He lifts up the poor from the ash heap
 8  In order to make him sit with nobles,
With the nobles of his people.
 9  He gives the barren woman a home
As a happy mother with children.
Praise Jah!

Psalm 127:3
 3  Look! Sons are an inheritance from יהוה
The fruit of the womb is a reward.

Psalm 139:13-16
13  For you produced my kidneys;
You kept me screened off in my mother’s womb.
14  I praise you because in an awe-inspiring way I am wonderfully made.
Your works are wonderful,
I know this very well.
15  My bones were not hidden from you
When I was made in secret,
When I was woven in the depths of the earth.
16  Your eyes even saw me as an embryo;
All its parts were written in your book
Regarding the days when they were formed,
Before any of them existed.

Amos 1:13
13  This is what יהוה says,
‘“For three revolts of the Amʹmon·ites, and for four, I will not reverse it,
Because they ripped open the pregnant women of Gilʹe·ad to widen out their own territory.

Matthew 18:1-4
In that hour the disciples came near to Jesus and said: 
“Who really is greatest in the Kingdom of the heavens?” 
2  So calling a young child to him, he stood him in their midst 
3  and said: “Truly I say to you, unless you turn around and become as young children, 
you will by no means enter into the Kingdom of the heavens. 
4  Therefore, whoever will humble himself like this young child 
is the one who is the greatest in the Kingdom of the heavens;

Matthew 19:13-15
13  Then young children were brought to him 
for him to place his hands on them and offer prayer, 
but the disciples reprimanded them. 
14  Jesus, however, said: “Let the young children alone, 
and do not try to stop them from coming to me, 
for the Kingdom of the heavens belongs to such ones.”
15  And he placed his hands on them and departed from there.

Exodus 20:13, Leviticus 18:21, 20:2-5, Deuteronomy 5:17, 12:30-32, 18:10, 2 Kings 16:3 and Psalm 106:38 illustrate that all child sacrifice is condemned with no "exception clauses" allowing for the "greater good" or "public exception clauses" found anywhere in the sacred scriptures.

Exodus 20:13
13  You must not murder.

Leviticus 18:21
21  You must not allow any of your offspring to be offered to Moʹlech. 
You must not profane the name of your God in that way. I am יהוה.

Leviticus 20:2-5
2  “You are to say to the Israelites, ‘Any man of Israel and any foreigner 
who resides in Israel who gives any of his offspring to Moʹlech 
should be put to death without fail. 
The people of the land should stone him to death. 
3  I myself will set my face against that man, 
and I will cut him off from among his people, 
because he has given some of his offspring to Moʹlech 
and has defiled my holy place and has profaned my holy name. 
4  If the people of the land should deliberately close their eyes 
to what that man does when he gives his offspring to Moʹlech 
and they do not put him to death, 
5  then I myself will certainly set my face against that man and his family. 
I will cut off that man from his people 
along with all who join him in prostituting themselves to Moʹlech.

Deuteronomy 5:17
17  You must not murder.

Deuteronomy 12:30-32
30 be careful not to be entrapped after they have been annihilated from before you. 
Do not ask about their gods, saying, 
‘How were these nations accustomed to serve their gods? I too will do the same.’ 
31  You must not do this to יהוה your God, 
because they do for their gods every detestable thing that יהוה hates, 
even burning their sons and their daughters in the fire to their gods. 
32  Every word that I am commanding you is what you should be careful to do. 
You must not add to it nor take away from it.

Deuteronomy 18:10, 12, 13
10  There should not be found in you anyone who 
makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, 
anyone who employs divination, anyone practicing magic, 
anyone who looks for omens, a sorcerer,
12 For whoever does these things is detestable to יהוה, 
and on account of these detestable practices יהוה 
your God is driving them away from before you. 
13  You should prove yourself blameless before יהוה your God.

2 Kings 16:3  
3 Instead, he walked in the way of the kings of Israel, 
and he even made his own son pass through the fire, 
following the detestable practices of the nations 
that יהוה had driven out from before the Israelites.

Psalm 106:38
38  They kept spilling innocent blood,
The blood of their own sons and daughters
Whom they sacrificed to the idols of Caʹnaan;
And the land was polluted with bloodshed.

I thank you for respectfully adhering to my rights guaranteed as a citizen of this county by our great Constitution without prejudice.

NOTE: יהוה, the four Hebrew letters (the Tetragrammaton) "YHWH", refers to the Name of God, which is usually transliterated in English as "Jehovah", or "Yahweh".