Life Forms in Pfizer Vaccine

Dr José Luis Sevillano Discovers New Strange "Life Forms" in Pfizer Vaccine Samples (Mar 9 2022): [568]

  • I don't know if this is contamination, but these things look like plants.
  • We need to ask someone who is an expert in these things, a botanist. Look, there are many of these.


  • This appeared in the first sample I took, and I have left it to dry. These things appeared. And it doesn't look like pollen or anything. I have my doubts, but here it is. I'll confirm it for you.
  • This makes me suspect that the famous carbon deposits (Graphene) are releasing that sort of tube-like filaments.
  • These are from the first sample. These things have been popping up over the last few days. I have to confirm if this is contamination or something else that comes up after a few days in the sample.
  • It looks like a plant.


  • Now, this is of another sample, with no possibility of contamination.
  • These are microchips at 10x and 40x magnification.
  • Looking closely, you can see that it is nano-technology.


  • And this one is terrible, at 40x.


  • These are not micro-chips. This is something else.
  • So if people complain about things happening to them, how do they want nothing to happen?
  • So far, we have identified Graphene, micro-chips, nano-chips, and now these things (looking like plants).

Live Organisms in the Injections

  • Dr Franc Zalewski reports having found living organisms, unnamed hydra-like parasites, inside the Pfizer Comirnaty vials. [250] These come out of eggs and grow, once the vial’s content gets warmed at human body temperature. The chemical composition of these “things” are mainly Carbon, and Aluminium. It feeds on Graphene.

Hydra vulgaris found by Dr Zalewski

  • Dr Carrie Madej also reports having found similar “creatures” inside the Johnson & Johnson and Moderna vials. Identified as Hydra vulgaris, an immortal creature. [251]

Hydra vulgatis found by Dr Madej

  • Dr Jane Ruby reports: (Dec 20th, 2021) [236]
  • A team of South Korean doctors who call themselves “the Korea Veritas Doctors for COVID-19” examined the contents of the Pfizer and Moderna vials, from a medical facility, partially used.
  • Organisms found by Korean researchers
  • This is the 3rd or 4th account of another team finding moving organisms, or self-aware things in the vials.
  • They are very concerned, and just made these discoveries several days ago. They’re in the process of continuing their analyses with additional vials.
  • They used stereo-microscopy, 400x magnification, they understand the need to keep this under 0C temperature, and warmed them gradually to human temperature (36-37C, 97-99F).
  • They started to observed that they moved, and changed form. They noticed the self-assembling nano particles described by Dr Fauci in 2019.
  • The pictures show spherical circles, similar to Dr Zandré Botha report (above), from South Africa. The 2nd picture shows a long black object/organism that moves as it warms up. The 3rd picture, shows when the objects start changing their shapes and attaching to each other.
  • There was also significant bacterial growth, colony-forming units.
  • They also said there are countless unidentified micro-organisms.
  • They have a lot of frozen vials, and they plan to use them to replicate their work, and record a video. They’re focusing on Pfizer and Moderna.
  • They are all dangerous, and prune to give you blood clots, brain bleeds.
  • Where would these organisms go? A cornucopia of mystery. We just keep peeling little pieces of the onion back.
  • Call to action (Stew Peters, Dr Roman Rence, Dr David Martin). We have now lots of material. These people (Fauci, Gates, Tedros, everybody at the NIH, everybody at the FDA, etc) have much to answer to. They are all part of this conspiracy and racketeering. They all need to be held accountable. They are not immune to justice.

  • Dr Erik Enby took a COVID Pfizer vial and examined its contents under an interference contrast microscope, in Aug 2021. He found living micro-organisms [191]

  • There is albumin (blood protein) in vaccinations. They are known to carry pathogens and prions.

  • Prof Dolores Cahill, (University College Dublin, Conway Institute of Biomolecular & Biomedical Research, School of Medicine, phD) refers to the dangers of mRNA vaccines, leading to cytokine storms when the subjects are exposed to subsequent strains of coronaviruses. A cytokine storm (aka hypercytokinemia) is a severe immune reaction in which the body releases too many cytokines into the blood, too quickly, resulting in an infection, autoimmune condition, other disease, multiple organ failure, and death. [67, 68]

  • Dr Carrie Madej also reports the following: [251]

  • Bill Gates and his company GAVI, are working with MasterCard and TrustStamp, an AI program in West Africa. They are doing a “Wellness pass”. People get a digital ID, with all their medical and vaccinations records in there, together with their monetary funds, a crypto-currency. If you don’t get the vaccination, you’re locked out of the system. The nano-technologies they are using has the potential to be used in surveillance and predictive policing. They plan to launch it to all the developed countries, once it is perfected in Africa. They’re using these technologies for something that has nothing to do with health and well being of people. We need to speak up for the future of humanity.
  • Newly injected people are showing a high reading in the Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) meter. They are radiating some sort of frequency like a cellphone.
  • NLPs are classified as hydrogels. They can also be used as biosensors, like a microscopic antenna inside the body and can accumulate data inside your body, like your breathing, body temperature, blood pressure, lie detector, your blood alcohol content, your thoughts and emotions. Biosensor may transmit information wirelessly, two way communication. You would be communicating digitally with anything that surrounds you. This is the plan for people by 2030 to be connected to the “Internet of Everything”. A plan for every human on earth, part of “Agenda 2030”, from the World Economic Forum (WEF).