Microsoft Patent 666

  • Another related curiosity: Microsoft (Bill Gates) has the patent “WO 2020/060606”: Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data” [247]

    • Look at the numbers:

      • 2020 → 20/20 → "perfect vision" → “the All Seeing Eye” → The Illuminati.
      • “060606” → “666” → “The Number of the Beast” → NWO, Totalitarianism

      • The intention is to have humans connected to a digital reward system → slavery.

      • If you misbehave, they can block your access to the system, and you starve to death.

      • Through the mRNA + Graphene + nanoTech injections they’ll build, bit by bit, the mechanism to make this possible: nano robots, sensors, bio networks, Internet of Humans
        (… that is, if you don’t die first of the toxicity in those components.)

      • Join the dots.