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  • Dr Christina Rahm: Graphene & NanoTechnology Turn Humans into Robots (Apr 23 2022) [739]
  • Australian Whistleblower Scientists Provide Evidence of Nanotech & Graphene Oxide in COVID-19 Injections! (Apr 3 2022) [646]

Graphene Oxide

  • Spanish researchers from “La Quinta Columna” have found Graphene oxide in the mRNA injections. [10, 11, 15, 158, 159]

  • Dr Jane Ruby: (July 6th 2021) [257]

    • We have now the English translation version, (of Prof Campra’s report [159]) verified by a number of sources, the closest translation we could get, and I read through it.

    • I’m very, very concerned. Everybody else should be better concerned too.

    • From their preliminary report, the group called “La Quinta Columna” (“The Fifth Column”), [397] associated with the University of Almeria (Spain). What they did: they’ve got a Pfizer vial. They have someone in law enforcement who is willing to verify the chain of custody. It was a sealed vial, with Pfizer markings, with a lot number, expiration date of August 2021.

    • They followed the instructions to dilute it appropriately into 6 doses, from that vial.

    • Here’s the shocking information: they examined it under regular and electron microscopes. And they came up with those ugly pictures of those bulbs, with the black mesh intertwined.

    • Graphene microscopy

    • Here’s the ratio of what they found in each dose: 6 ng/ul of RNA, 747 ng of Graphene Oxide. Do the maths: 99.203% Graphene.

    • There’s a study: “Toxicity of Graphene-Family NanoParticles – A General Review of Origins and Mechanisms” [258]. This paper shows a simplified picture (see below) illustrating what happens when these Graphene sheets enter the cell.

    • GFNs cytotoxicity

    • The “vaccines” have a lipid nanoparticle that pushed them into your cells. When the Graphene sheets enter into your cell, you get oxidated stress. It destroys, literally, everything inside the cell. It explodes the mitochondria, creates a situation where your body is in a “ten-alarm fire truck”, inflammation, cytokines, DNA damage, apoptosis / necrosis (cell death).

    • It has particular affinity for creating acute inflammation of the lungs, an inflammatory storm in cardiac tissue, and in brain tissue. This is going to tie directly to strokes, to the heart attacks … and we’re giving this to pregnant mothers and babies? This is really something everybody must start paying attention to.

    • Stew Peters: Is it a poison?

    • Dr Jane Ruby: It is most definitely a poison. There’s no reason for this to be here, except to murder people.

    • Stew Peters: Why your hesitancy?

    • Dr Ruby: My hesitancy is the general limitations. All good researchers list, at the end of their analysis, a list of limitations. These researchers are very professional. The limitations are:

      • they want to be able to show a tighter chain of custody.

      • They claim to have upwards of another 100 vials, so hopefully they have the chain of custody for that.

      • They’re using a Spectroscopy approach in these electronic microscopes which means they are differentiating using light, with the way they know light behaves over Graphene oxide in industrial publications. They’re going to run, literally, hundreds more tests, on this particular vial, to make sure they actually get a chemical analysis that is 100% Graphene oxide.

    • Right now it looks like it. The three photos above are three magnifications, and they are compared with other photos of Graphene oxide in industrial publications. They want to go one step forward to show us that these are chemically confirmed depictions, reality.

    • If this is true, the rest of the companies pushing these jabs, all four of the companies in the US, are filled with this toxic industrial chemical, everybody should better shut everything down right now. This is really dangerous.

    • Stew Peters: It’s horrific. I get chills listening to this.

      • I don’t know why the media is not taking any of this up. I mean, they’re in on it, they want you dead, they are part of the murder plot. This is ridiculous. They want to push this into our kids. They want to push this Graphene oxide directly into the …
      • OK, let me ask you a question: Aside from premeditated murder, what might be another motivation for one to fill another person’s body, the entire makeup, with this Graphene oxide?
      • What else does this stuff do, other than poison and kill people?
    • Dr Ruby: The only other explanation that I can come up with, as a scientist myself, is that this a mass, on uninformed, without consent, global experiment. Because they’ve never been able to get this into humans on an experimental basis. No human subject review board would ever approve a protocol with this stuff in it.

    • The study I just showed you was done in 2016, “Toxicity of Graphene”, it has been used extensively in animals, and they say it does relate to the amount that you put in there. But there is no other reason, that’s something comprising 99% of the injection, to have this toxic material on it. If the ratio was reversed, and it was 99% RNA, and then 0.008% of the Graphene Oxide, then you might say “maybe there’s some therapeutic…”, but still it has never been used in humans, much less babies and pregnant women.

    • Stew Peters: At the beginning, when they first authorised this emergency used, the efficacy was broadcast everywhere. Fake, false, lies, complete lies. They said this thing killed the “corona virus”, 98.6% success rate, whatever. How can they prove that? What that just a lie? Was that number documented anywhere? Does this thing really delete or combat the SARS-CoV-2 virus?

    • Dr Ruby: Going back to the beginning:

      • the PCR Test is a fraud, perpetrated by Christian Drosten, and Olfert Landt.
      • The “corona virus”, SARS-CoV-2 has never been isolated;
      • its protein sequences have never been demonstrated or validated;
      • no one can prove to us that it ever really existed.
      • Did something existed last year? variations of the flu? Yes.
      • But no one has ever proved or demonstrated an isolate of the “SARS-CoV-2” virus.
      • These Spanish researchers said that when you look at the different symptoms, from last year (2020), they are all symptoms that can also be caused by Graphene oxide in your body: The storm in the lungs, etc.
      • By the way, these companies are preparing an inhalant, of this “vaccine”, and God helps us, because is more potent, it goes right into the lungs, and creates a pulmonary storm of pneumonia, right away, and you’re going to see, if they get Emergency Use Authorisation, you’re going to see respiratory, flash pneumonias, and rapid deaths.
    • Stew Peters: And nobody would associate it, or tie it, to this “vaccine”. Nobody on the mainstream media, nobody on the liberal left, nobody will acknowledge (it caused the damage). It’s sick.

    • Dr Ruby: Nuremberg trials. You cannot experiment on human beings, regardless of the drug. You cannot do it without the approval of a Human Subject Review Board. It’s an independent board that approves your protocol and your informed consent. Which no one has ever seen a real informed consent for these jabs.

    • Stew Peters: This independent review board, whoever they might be, they have no idea. They don’t know what’s in it, because nobody does. Is it possible that nobody knows, other than the manufacturer, what’s really inside this thing? And that the manufacturer was directed by the likes of Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates as to exactly what formula to use to create this, as Dr John McGravy indicated, that these people are intentionally trying to kill you, trying to murder you? They have the technology, and they have the recipe for disaster, and they are intentionally pushing this on the American people, to thin the herd, to control the population, to make men sterile, to make women infertile?

    • Dr Ruby: Yep, there’s also some information coming in, were going to see more and more, and talk about it. When you get your body filled with enough Graphene Oxide, with the warmth of your body, it’s oxygenated, it can be manipulated and your body can be affected by the vibrations from the 5G network. There is a lot of concern around that.
      At that point it’d just be the residual people who haven’t died from their lung disease from this excess toxic chemical.

  • Prof Dr Pablo Campra: “Graphene Micro-Structures In The Covid Shots Could Be Wireless Nano/Neural sensors.” (Dec 1st, 2021) [174, 175]

The image below is from Prof Dr Pablo Campra’s report. [159] Shows a pattern of reduced Graphene Oxide (rGO).

Reduced Graphene Oxide

  • Dr Carrie Madej, internal medicine specialist (Georgia, US): (Dec 7th 2021) [167]

    • These injections are using genetic modification, modified/synthetic RNA, programming your body to make a protein. Never done before. Also in the Pfizer and Moderna, they are using another new technology: “Nano lipid particles” (NLPs), that wraps around this foreign code. It suppresses our immune system, and serves as an on-demand drug delivery system. Problems: it is very synthetic and the nanotechnology could be used for other things. Brand-new technology, we don’t have any safety data results out. It is pushed to every country. The death rate is 6,000 in the US, and the VAERS reporting system is behind by 3 months. Children are also having issues with it. Why in the world do we keep pushing an agenda like this?
  • A research article, by microbiologist Dr Robert Young, identified the specific and minor ingredients contained in the Pfizer-BioNtech, Moderna-Lonza mRNA-1273, Vaxzevria AstraZeneca and Janssen by Johnson & Johnson “vaccines” using various scientific anatomical, physiological, and functional testing for each vaccine: [212, 214]

    • Because their contents are not openly specified by the manufacturers, they are in violation of individual human rights under the Nuremberg Code of 1947.

    • Phase Contrast Microscopy reveals the live blood 24 hours after the mRNA vaccine now containing crystalised red blood cells, biological transformations of red and white blood cells, large symplasts of reduced Graphene oxide or Graphene hydroxide crystals and Orotic acid crystals.

    • Under Bright Field Microscopy a Nanotube and Micro-tubes of Graphene Oxide in the Dried Coagulated Red Blood Cells or a Blood Clot, in addition to Parasite Bulges expressed in the cross-linked fibrin monomers indicating a systemic parasitical infection.

    • Trypanosoma cruzi parasite was also identified, in the images of Pfizer “vaccine”, of which several variants are lethal and is one of the many causes of acquired immune deficiency syndrome or AIDS.

    • Identification of organic carbon, oxygen, nitrogen particulates with aggregate of embedded nano-particles including bismuth, titanium, vanadium, iron, copper, and aluminium which were all found in the so-called Pfizer “vaccine”.

    • X-ray fluorescence evaluated the adjuvants in the AstraZeneca “vaccine” and identified the following molecules of histidine, sucrose, Poly-ethylene glycol (PEG) and ethylene alcohol, also contained in the Pfizer and Moderna “vaccines”.

    • Reduced Graphene oxide (rGO) or Graphene hydroxide nanobots have been developed to feature controllers, sensors, transmitters, and clocks. They are powered by using magnetic fields (EMF) or ultrasound, making it possible for them to travel deeply into the human body tissues, organs, and glands (such as the reproductive organs), bone marrow, across the blood-brain barrier and the air-blood barrier of the lungs, via the interstitial fluids.

    • Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) quantified with an x-ray microprobe of an Energy Dispersive System (EDS) revealed the chemical nature of the observed micro and nano particles. Nano Dots of Reduced Graphene Oxide or Graphene Hydroxide were found in the Moderna “vaccine”, composed of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, silicon, lead, cadmium, and selenium, phosphorus, chlorine, aluminium silicate nano particles which are cyto-toxic and geno-toxic.

  • Karen Kingston, former Pfizer employee, confirms the presence of Graphene in the injections. These are bioweapons.
    The mRNA injections contain a Pegylated lipid nano-particles, which contain Graphene oxide. PEGylated lipids are made by SINOPEG in China. Graphene oxide is 4,000 times stronger than Titanium, and can withstand 371C (700F) temperature. Graphene can be a conductor of electricity, and an electro-magnetic field activates it. They are posed to serve as human-machine interfaces (connecting humans to the Internet). Behind this is Shanghai NanoTech. A large group of millionaires and billionaires have coordinated for the development and execution of these products. The cognitive dissonance, the depravity of these injections, is very difficult for anyone to understand. They are lethal, planned genocide. [86]

  • The patent for Moderna’s mRNA injection refers to these lipid nano-particles (LNPs) [188] without direct mention of Graphene oxide, because it is known to be poisonous to humans. [96, 97] Graphene oxide is being used with hydrogels (another nano-technology forming 3D networks, scaffolds, of polymers) for biomedical applications. Several typical mechanisms underlying Graphene-family nano-materials’s (GFNs) toxicity have been revealed: physical destruction, oxidative stress, DNA damage, inflammatory response, apoptosis, autophagy, and necrosis. [87, 94, 95, 96, 97]

  • An article on the use of graphene-based materials in COVID-19 injections suggests that graphene nano-structures possess an antiviral property that leads to the inactivation of coronaviruses, and that graphene oxide (GO) displays hydrophilicity, water dispersibility, and attach-ability. Metalo-drugs have also been suggested for their antiviral influences, but they have a problem with systemic toxicity. The expectation is that GO produces electronegative grids that will absorb/attach to positively-charged viruses (2-300 nm), preventing the virus attachment to the host. Another nano-technology, Carbon quantum dots (CQDs), graphitic structures with sizes less than 10nm, are being tested for their ability to prevent infectious interactions between the host cells and viruses. The article concludes that there are still various unknowns and controversies including “the virus mutation, the interactions between graphene and various human genetics, side effects, and the associated cytotoxicity.” [88]

  • German researchers expose previously undisclosed components of the mRNA injections: Graphene oxide, mini-robots (nano-technology)), Trypanosoma cruzi (the parasite that causes Chagas disease, also related to immunodeficiency and HIV), auxiliary materials (Aluminium, Nickel, Steel, Bismuth, Chrome, PolyEthylene Glycol (PEG), and other components) [16, 17, 18]

  • Researchers admit Graphene oxide is cytotoxic and genotoxic. [19, 20]

  • Dr Zandré Botha analysed patients blood samples and the contents of the Janssen&Janssen vials and found that, on injected patients, the red blood cells form rouleaux (stuck clusters) which cannot function because they cannot carry oxygen, signalling intravascular blood clotting. Additional unknown black structures were found in the blood at 400x magnification. The same black structures were found in the vials, together with previously unseen self-assembling symmetrical disk structures (nanotechnology). When the droplets dry up, the disk structures are gone, and black lines start to form (graphene lattices/grids). The doctor admits she has not seen anything like this in her previous 15 years of professional practice. These patients show signs of severe thrombosis, severe embolisms, water retention (kidney failure), lots of cognitive issues (memory loss, depression), lots of pain and loss of movement at the injection site, headaches lasting more than 8 weeks, nerve pain, shortness of breath, non-viable white cells, their immunity cannot respond to viruses, bacterias and infections. The doctor herself reports feeling sick after treating these patients, including having “weird hormonal issues”. [42]

  • Long-term effects regarding carcinogenic (cancer) or mutagenic (deformity) potential, or the potential to impair fertility (infertility & miscarriage) has not been evaluated in the mRNA injections, but they are already being reported (read ahead at Dr Jessica Rose’s report) [78].

  • Researchers from Chinese University of Hong Kong and Huanzhong University show Graphene micro-motors, 100 micro-metres long, in the shape of coils, that spin forward under the influence of a magnetic field. [187]

  • A web site from Japan has an article saying it is dangerous for primary and secondary school students to wear a non-woven mask, because they contain Graphene oxide. The page includes a video from “morpheus”, which shows the effect of high frequency radio waves (like a cell phone during a call) on Graphene. The Graphene particles start moving as if they were alive. [173]

  • How Graphene Oxide triggers arrhythmias, a discussion from “La Quinta Columna” in Spain: (Sep 28th, 2021) [176, 397]

  • Ricardo Delgado, Spanish bio-statitician from “La Quinta Columna”, mentions that cyclists of various ages are dying suddenly, right in front of antennas. Now people who exercise die.
  • Dr José Luis Sevillano: The Graphene inside the veins is an arrhythmia trigger. It’s like a pacemaker, and as soon as you do sports, it raises the energy levels and ends up triggering deadly arrhythmias. That’s the role of Graphene in people who practice sports. Sudden deaths without chest pain are arrhythmias. The focus is the myocardium. Cardiac activity, depolarisation of myocytes, excites the Graphene, which also emits pulses that cause the arrhythmias. They are telling people to avoid exercising, because it causes sudden death, and if there are too many of them, people are going to notice. People are going to die anyway, without doing sports. High cardiovascular sport activity raises the possibility of an earlier trigger.

Case Briefing Document

"Case Briefing Document", a legal & lab report from the UK from lawyers and doctors, reports finding the presence of Graphene oxide in the vials (Feb 11 2022) [510, 511]:

  • Post Vaccination Death and Injury Reports:

    • As of 5th January 2022, this system shows that death has been listed as an outcome related to COVID-19 experimental treatments at least 1,932 times as well as nearly one and a half million adverse reactions to the experimental treatments (1,414,293).
    • In the United States, VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) reports of Deaths have been listed as an outcome related to COVID-19 experimental treatments at least 21,745 times as of January 7, 2022 and 38,000 people are permanently disabled.
    • On the Euro eudraVigilance European database Death has been listed as an outcome related to COVID-19 experimental treatments at least 34,337 times as of December 18, 2021. 3.1 Million injuries have also been reported.
    • It follows that the rates of increase of death and significant harm are increasing as the experimental treatment programme is rolled out.
  • Investigation

    • Following her own experience with patients who had suffered apparent vaccine injury and adverse reactions, a British Medical Practitioner came forward in December 2021 offering to assist in an investigation to ascertain whether the results discovered by Dr’s Noack and Campra could be replicated in the UK and also to examine the COVID-19 injection vials for discovery of toxins or unexpected contents.
    • The medical practitioner seized an injection vial from the fridge housed in the surgery in which she works and handed it to an independent investigator assisting in investigating cases relating to injury sustained as a result of injections given as part of the roll out.
    • Further vials have since been obtained which cover the three main manufacturers in the UK: Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca.
    • The contents of the injection vials have been forensically examined and a laboratory report is attached to this brief. A summary of the findings are found below.
    • A brief summary of a toxicology report is also found below, the full document is attached (see link).
    • A full peer reviewed scientific paper is expected to be provided in due course.
    • As soon as we had the confirmation of the laboratory report and toxicology. Ian Clayton contacted the Police (details) in line with duty of care to the Public to request immediate cessation of the experimental treatment roll-out and to make an appointment to present this evidence in person to the Police.
  • Laboratory Report Summary

    • A summary of the findings detailed in the attached quality assured report is as follows:
    • RAMAN Spectroscopy discovered the following particles -
      • Graphene
      • SP3 Carbon
      • Iron Oxide
      • Carbon derivatives
  • Toxicology Report Summary

    • A summary of the findings detailed in the attached toxicology report is as follows:
    • Graphene nanomaterials (GFNs) can penetrate the body’s natural barriers and damage the central nervous system
    • Graphene oxide (GO):
      • can damage internal organs
      • damages the reproduction and development system
      • destroys blood health
      • damages and destroys cells
      • can trigger cancer and accelerate ageing
      • damages mitochondria and DNA
      • triggers an inflammatory response and three different kinds of cell death
      • causes changes in gene function

Covid-19 Injection Contents

Dr Robert Verkerk Summarizes EbMCsquared CiC Study Preliminary Findings: (Feb 14 2022) [537]

Dr. Rob Verkerk (UK) summarises the preliminary findings of an EbMCsquared CIC commissioned independent analysis of three types of Covid-19 vaccines.

The study investigation was prompted by reports and concerns from scientists around the world suggesting that vials of Covid-19 vaccines may be contaminated with items that are not on the declared list of components. More information and recent reports can be found here.

EbMCsquared is the U.K.-registered community interest group that helps manage World Council for Health initiatives and campaigns. EbMCsquared’s mission is to advance health and well-being for the benefit of humankind.


Dr. Tess Lawrie: We’re going to move on to, Dr. Rob Verkerk,for the science and medical committee who have been looking at the interim, and,preliminary report from a UK laboratory, on the COVID vaccination or the COVID vaccine contents that was commissioned by EbMC Squared, the community interest company that, does the, the administration for the World Council for Health.

So Rob Verkerk, the floor is yours for 10 minutes.

Dr. Rob Verkerk: Perfect. Okay. So, um, Tess provided me with a copy of the report the minute it came through. It’s obviously out there and what we want to do is just provide a little bit of, substance around what is going on because critically it is an interim report.

And,as a scientist, I’ve been involved in quite a few nano technological investigations for products ranging from, self assembling natural nano particles, bear in mind that happens every time we, interact bile with our food, within our bodies. So self-assembly that a lot of people get very disturbed by it is a very natural process.

And it occurs through electrostatic forces and, lipophilic and hydrophilic substances. and,we just wanted to get a measure of this. So just a little bit of background, Galileo said:

  • "All truths are easy to understand once they’re discovered. The point is to discover them."

Now, the reality is if you’re looking for something that you already know is in a vial, it’s a whole lot easier than trying to establish what’s in there if you have absolutely no idea. So in many respects, this interim study has come from the perspective that there might be Graphene in it. I said to Tess before, speaking about it, I wanted to speak with, one of the key scientists involved.

This morning at a very early hour, Tess and I had a discussion, I continued that discussion for another hour. So I’m confident that the things that we’re just going to talk about in summary terms,are pretty real. This is, basically a concoction of various pieces of data from an article I wrote, at the end of last year in December, "What’s in the Jabs that they’re so desperate to give us", and it reminds us because we’re going to be looking specifically, at the two mRNA jabs and the non replicating viral vector, the AstraZeneca injection.

Dr. Rob Verkerk: And you’ll see if you just run across to the middle of the chart, you’ll see that, in terms of the lipid nano particles in the Pfizer and Moderna injections, you’re looking at about 10 billion particles per dose, for the Pfizer, as you know, there’s about three times the amount of mRNA in the Moderna.

So that’s about 40 billion, and when it comes to the adenoviral vectors, it’s about 50 billion. So there’s a huge amount of, supposedly active ingredient and carrier within that, on the extreme right, you’ll see the other ingredients, and,you know, the prime other ingredients for the MRNs or the other PEGylated lipid nano particles that deliver the products.

And then you have, polysorbate, sucrose, a bunch of other things within the AstraZeneca slide. That should be all you find in it. There were three pieces of data that, that emerged last year that would suggest, if you are scientifically minded and you care about humanity, you need to take this further.

And that was the very reason that Tess decided to commission a study. Pablo Campra’s work, from Spain, was pretty critical. It used Raman spectroscopy that we’re going to (examine) very briefly, you’ll see another group of scientists that came together that actually included Dr Campra, that (we) couldn’t disclose who they were.

Any leading ISO accredited lab that does, that will instantly lose funding and those scientists will, see the careers pretty much terminated. And then you’ve also got the work we, we had on WCH professor on, Arne Burkhart [425], just a couple of weeks ago, who is one of the key German pathologist that was able to show some pretty strange, objects in pathological examinations that have been carried out, that fitted the description of Graphene.

Dr. Rob Verkerk: So the, this particular unit study is done exclusively with Raman spectroscopy and associated microscopy.

Very briefly. What you’re doing is shining a laser via a mirror that splits the beam into the spectrometer. You have a detector within it. And, from that, you get this scattering. Now, most objects that you strike with this laser, this split laser light will basically just return the same amount of energy from the photon in the light that submitted, that comes back to it. That’s called Rayleigh scattering that you’ll see,in the two other diagrams, but what happens in certain substance, substances, you get a very specific signature. For when the substance either absorbs some of that energy or loses some of that energy.

So either it creates- basically you’re looking at the vibrational state. We’ve heard a lot about resonance and vibration as everything on this planet is resonating and vibrating. But what happens depending on the Raman shift, it was called after Raman and he was an Indian scientist that discovered it.

You see the specific scattering, particularly the Stopes direction. That’s another scientist that found that, that’s a more common form. The other form is anti stokes. When the molecule that you are subjecting to light absorbs more energy. Has it been studied widely? Absolutely. It has the very characteristic bands that you can see in terms of, Raman scattering, the D band or the two D band. There’s a reference here that we’ll show you.

Graphene is a pretty new substance. It was discovered in 2004. It has very potent, electron transport properties. It really lends itself rather beautifully to nano electronic devices, that I’ve been following some of the work that was being done, looking at behavioral changes in animals that were being carried out specifically with the purpose of mind control and that work has been published in major journals.

Dr. Rob Verkerk: So the people who have, suggested there may be a link between 5G or 6G electronic devices and Graphene are not "barking up a conspiracy theory tree". There is genuine reason to be concerned about the linkage between those two things. It’s also fantastically strong substance 200 times stronger than steel.

It can be layered into different layers. Raman spectroscopy is one way of determining those layers. Coming back to the UK, there has been a group in Cambridge, headed by Andrea Ferrari that’s done a lot of the work, in terms of characterizing, exactly what graphite. Graphene is basically, very closely related to graphite.

But it has this very various, these very specific, properties in terms of electron transport and use in nano technology. So let’s go to the report itself. essentially in terms of the supply chain, EBMC-squared was able to obtain four vials of injection material. One Pfizer, two Moderna and one AstraZeneca.

Dr. Rob Verkerk: They came specifically from areas. Many of you will know that the adverse reactions are often clustered in particular geographical locations. And these came from an area of the UK where there had been particular clusters of adverse events.

That supply chain, as you will know, because it involves doctors who have to often substitute, we heard from Dr. Hoffe about how this works, we’ve also heard from Dr. Becker in our committee, how this happens, that they will, in order to maintain the Hippocratic oath, some homes substitute vials for saline in order to do no harm. So that supply chain is known, but again, just like the lab, it cannot be put into the public domain.

That believe, it or not, is the scientist calling. And the key here was to establish, first of all, is the Graphene within or graphite composites within these vials and actually they were fairly sure that they wouldn’t be. So that was an interesting perspective to come from. There isn’t a detailed quantitative analysis because it’s an early interim study.

But there was a vague quantification done by looking at a two centimeter transect for all the samples. So you can see that there’s a little or a lot of these, different, graphite related substances in it. so I’m going to take you very quickly, you can obviously get a report and have a more detailed look.

Dr. Rob Verkerk: Just remember when you look at these images that were only meant to be seeing in the case of Moderna lipid nano particles with this very fragile mRNA in it. Now immediately you start to see things that don’t look like that should ring the alarm bells.

In a normal situation- I’ve been involved as a scientist in many food adulteration cases. And as soon as you see something like this, normally you can just knock on the door of the local, the national, medicines regulator, the MHRA in the UK, and go look what we found and they’ll pick it up. And,and go after the company. In this case, we all believe that the system is too corrupt to be able to do that.

But, you’ll see, just from microscopy, you have a problem when you start looking, at the spectra. Now you’ll see, for example, in the top left, you’ll see that very big peak. That aligns absolutely with the S with the spectrum that you would expect for Graphene, but you’ll see, it’s pretty noisy, and it’s very noisy because there’s a bunch of things in there.

Some of which are fluorescent, so they are reflecting, they’re scattering more light, but it’s very key that we’re seeing that tall peak at exactly the spectrum that is expected for Graphene composites. When you go to Pfizer again, you’ll see, a whole range of ribbons, filaments, nano dots, all the things that were viewed as, generally conspiracy theories, and, they appear to be there.

Dr. Rob Verkerk: Again they should not be there, exactly what they are, is defined here by some Raman spectroscopy. There are other ways of doing more detailed characterization and that’s something that I’ve been talking to the scientists about. Once again, both in terms of counts, you’ll see the graph, Graphene composites, in a two centimeter spectrum and they outnumber everything else.

You’ll see again, they have these signature peaks around Graphene in them, same applies to the AstraZeneca as well. So I just want to conclude by saying that, it’s pretty clear that graphite composite forms as undeclared ingredients are very common in the vials. The Raman spectro we’re not crystal clear because they were confounded by a lot of noise and fluorescence. What is visible through microscopy? It appears to be in the form of ribbon sheets, tubular forms, nano dots, and nano scrolls. And it is our view that further studies should be carried out on more detailed characterization of the forms.

More quantification, more studies on function. Why are they there, obviously on toxicology? And these are all things that are required. Even if you’re going to be putting natural nano particulates into food. Here we have an undeclared adulterated drug that we can’t knock on the door of the regulators with because they’re in deep. And you’ll see that there were a number of other spectra that were shown up that, suggests that other substances that are not declared on the label are also there.

Dr. Rob Verkerk: Including Calcite so these are all minerals, and because it is Valentine’s day and because I’m working hard to keep to time. I just want to give you one final quote from Lao this is from 500 years before this guy Jesus roamed the planet saying:

  • "Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage."

And right now we all need loads of courage. Thank you.

Thank you very much, Rob. And, I think, suffice to say, I don’t think we need to take questions on it, but just suffice to say that, there needs to be more investigation, into this, if only because, they are under undeclared, items in these vaccine vials. We will keep you abreast of, of developments with that as analyses are ongoing.