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  • Karen Kingston: Cobra Venom In Spike Protein, Bing Liu Had Discovered The Deadly Chinese Crait (Apr 20 2022) [728]
  • Dr Lawrence Palevsky: What Do We Really Know About COVID and Vaccines? (Apr 6 2022) [657]
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  • Dr McDowell: SARS-CoV-2 is a BioWeapon (Feb 5 2022) [480]

Russia Tells the US: "We Have Found Your Biological Weapons"

Russia Tells the US: "We Have Found Your Biological Weapons" (Mar 9 2022) [565]

  • Remember how many years, and their (the US's) attempts to spill blood finding biological/chemical weapons around the world, occupying and killing people.
  • They were looking in the wrong place. We have found them, instead of you.
  • We have found your own products.
  • We have found your own biological material.
  • It was developed, primarily, for military purposes.
  • As it turns out, it was all happening in Ukraine.
  • What were you doing there? It's a different continent. It has no borders with you. You have no rights for this.
  • What were they doing there under the guise of scientific research, your specialists, amongst others? On regular basis they were giving instructions to the Ukrainian side, as of the purposes of their studies.
  • Now, considering we have the evidence that cannot be refuted, we demand that you provide details.
  • The world must know:
    • what you were intending to do there?
    • to what end?
    • within which deadline?
    • what was the total amount of investment within the activities of Ukraine?
  • The data, materials, documents, please provide them.
  • The game is over.

Related news, from Sputnik International: (Mar 9 2022) [567]

  • The Russian Ministry of Defence published documents Sunday showing that Ukrainian Minister of Health Viktor Liashko ordered the destruction of a number of dangerous pathogens across Ukrainian biolab facilities, including anthrax, the plague, tularemia, cholera and other deadly diseases.
  • A day later, the MoD held a press briefing to reveal that a network of over 30 US-funded biolabs has been operating across Ukraine, with some of the facilities feared to be engaged in the production of chemical weapons, and others sending serum samples of "Slavic ethnicity" patients to the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in Silver Spring, Maryland under the pretext of testing for COVID-19 treatment methods, for reasons as yet unknown.
  • On Tuesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian called on the United States to clarify the extent of its military biological activities across the globe, pointing out that the US Department of Defence controls some "336 biolabs across 30 countries under the pretext of joint work to reduce biosecurity risks and strengthening global health...What are America's real intentions? What exactly were they doing?" Zhao asked.

Designed to Poison People

Dr Michael Palmer, MD, prof of Biochemistry, Univ of Waterloo: [363] (Jan 23 2022)

  • These mRNA Vaccines are a technology designed to poison people.
  • That is my considered opinion, as a medical doctor, working in biochemistry, teaching pharmacology and toxicology.
  • They have two components:
    • One is the messenger RNA (mRNA), which contains the blueprint; in this case, for the spike protein, that occurs normally in the surface of the virus particles; the idea is to sneak this mRNA into our own body cells, in order to have them make the actual protein into which the immune system responds.
    • The second component is the lipid nano-particles, and serves two purposes:
      • one, to protect the mRNA, while it is in transport, and,
      • secondly, to help it enter the body cells.
    • There are several of different components, and one of them is "cataionic", or electrically positive-charged lipid, and it's know to be quite toxic.
    • They tend to, once they are inside the cell, to disrupt the mitochondrial respiration.
    • We have to assume that, just as with radiation, there is a total dose limit, a total lifetime dose limit, that you can survive. What this means is: the total lifetime dose of this mRNA vaccines, that you can tolerate before you die, is limited. We don't know the exact amount, because there is not enough experimental data.
    • One of the great scandals of this vaccine is that no proper toxicity studies had been carried out, before they were rolled out and applied to the population.
    • In principle, we can be certain that the total dose of these vaccines that you can tolerate before you die is quite limited.
    • So this is really a technology designed to poison people.

Two Bioweapons

Please visit the reference to see a collection of videos and links explaining this topic: [347]

  • There are TWO Bioweapons:
    • The SARS-CoV-2 "virus" did not come from a bat in a wet market in Wuhan.
    • The COVID-19 injections are NOT "vaccines" designed to protect your health.
    • They (both) are biological weapons intended to do harm.
  • Dr David Martin explains (May 2021):
    • This is a bioweapon designed to kill us.
    • It's not only designed to kill us; it's designed to kill massive numbers of the population.
    • We do not have a virus; we have a biological weapon.
    • Humans built SARS and US taxpayers paid for it. In 1999 we built a bioweapon. I wrote my first class briefing on it in 2001. I gave the lectures in bioweapons and global security: in 2003, in Bled, Slovenia; in 2004 at the Islamic Republic of Iran.
    • Anthony Fauci has spent 191 billion dollars of audited funds, for the weaponisation of viruses against humanity.
    • We have every grant recipient: their address, their phone number, their laboratory.
    • We literally have the entirety of where that money went. And not a single investigation agency in this country is willing to look.
    • This is a bioweapons program designed to kill us. And it's not only designed to kill us; it's designed to kill massive numbers of the population.
    • We do not have a "virus"; we have a biological weapon.
    • This is a man-made virus, from the proof that scientists have shown us privately.

SARS-CoV-2 and the mRNA "Vaccine" Are Bioweapons

  • Dr Michael McDowell (Feb 5th 2022): [480]

    • Some of this information is shocking and stunning, and has led us to researching it and getting that information out at all cost.
    • I learnt that SARS-CoV-2 is a bioweapon, as exposed by Dr Francis Boyle. [489]
    • I was just as shocked when I understood that the "vaccine" was also a bioweapon.
    • The "vaccine" is a multi-dimensional bioweapon that takes over your machinery to produce a spike protein that is pathogenic, thrombogenic, even worse than the virus.
    • But what really shocked me, what nauseated me, was when I was introduced to the "vaccine" patents.
    • What you're going to hear today sounds like out of a "fairy tale". I believe this is "the straw that breaks the camel's back"; thanks to Dr David Martin for his research [6, 31, 265, 360, 455] on the COVID-19 injection patents. This is really shocking information.
    • What is being injected into you is an alphabet soup of substances and component parts that can be assembled and programmed to fulfill pre-determined objectives.
    • So, this is an injectable operating and communication system.
    • When you hear of, not only of cytotoxic substances, but the other major ingredients, the other multi-dimensional ingredients that are involved, you will be stunned.
    • This all leads to global tyrannical control.
    • Medical marshall law. And the goal is to institute it globally.
    • I did a presentation [477] on a local forum for a group of pastors who were very concerned about what was happening. That video went viral. There are other shorter versions based on it.
    • As a result of that, I have been contacted by people from all over the world (Europe and Africa).
    • A person contacted me and shared more information. The information is staggering. Found here: "Modified polynucleotides for the production of secreted proteins". [481]
    • We are examining over a hundred patents such as this one, to try to draw information from them. This information is on the public domain and comes from the manufacturer.
    • Let me just give you a quick idea. I'm going to start with the lightest substances first.
    • These are what we call "cytotoxic substances", or "cytotoxic agents". They are cell-destroying agents. Let me mention some of them that are listed in the patents that are in the "vaccines":
      • Formaldehyde: it is a liquid in which they preserve dead material. A preservative, a carcinogen.
      • Ethylene oxide: also listed as a carcinogen. It's not only in the "vaccines", it's also on the swabs of the PCR test.
      • SM102: a substance that is NOT to be used for human or veterinary applications. Humans and animals are NOT to use it. It's in the "vaccine".
      • Cordycepin: a destillation of Cordyceps unilateralis; Cordyceps is a fungus that produces zombie-like behaviour in ants. It can be used to treat human conditions, but it goes beyond the blood-brain barrier, you have behavioural problems. There are things in the "vaccine" that are drug-delivery systems, that can take payloads beyond the blood-brain barrier.
      • There's Gold, there's Silver, Aluminium;
      • There's Superparamagnetic Iron oxide nanoparticles, abbreviated as SPIONs; nano-particles that show magnetic properties;
      • Listed in the patents are Human Embryonic Kidney cells, HEK 293A. That's aborted fetal tissue listed to be in the "vaccines";
      • And this is shocking, Human Foreskin Fibroblasts, HFFs. They are using cells from the foreskins of (baby) human beings;
      • Chimera: genetically hybridized organisms are involved;
      • Radio-active ions are involved;
      • There're also a number of secretions, cells, serums that come from animals.
      • If the religious people find out about this, for example:
        • there's stearic acid from the digestive juices of the pig.
        • If people of a certain faith get to know about this, they'll be outraged.
        • There're fetal stem cells, bovine serums
        • Protamines, which are stem cells from a variety of animals.
    • All of these things are some of the cytotoxic agents in the "vaccine". And that's the light part.
    • The part that is actually alarming, is what I call the multifunctional ingredients or components.
    • The contents of these patents are supported by many investigators, credible research scientists who have done optical and different types of microscopy to find out what are the contents of the "vaccines".
    • What they've found has actually been backed up with what is in the patents. There are hundreds of patents out there, and this corroborates with an investigation of what is exactly in the "vaccine" vials. It looks like sacrosanct information.
    • When I grasped exactly what they were doing, I felt I was in a fairy tale.
    • It's an alphabet soup of cytotoxic substances and component parts that can be assembled and programmed to move in the direction of predetermined outcomes. In other words, this is purposeful, what they are putting in the "vaccines".
    • Sometimes they don't put everything into one shot, that's why, as time passes, they're recommending boosters. Every 3 or 6 months you get a booster, until they have inside you all the materials they want, so they can bring them together to accomplish the purpose they have set off.
    • The purpose is multi-faceted. Different groups of people are targeted with different functions and purposes. Not everybody is in "the same boat". So you're going to see it's a very extensive agenda. So you see, booster shots are coming out rapidly.
    • On the multi-functional ingredients; this is "where the rubber meets the road"; this is the tough stuff:
    • in March 2020, I heard a young lady, a whistleblower, from DARPA, (who) begin to share some of the things that DARPA was generating.
    • one of them was something called "Hydrogels", a gel-like substance; it can fuse and combine with living tissue; was developed by DARPA; it is a big part of the "vaccines".
    • Hydrogels are composed mainly of Graphene oxide.
    • Graphene is a new allotrope of Carbon (other allotropes are diamond, graphite, etc.). It is an hexagon one atom thick.
    • Graphene oxide and Graphene hydroxide are super-strong. They are super-conductors. They have electrical properties, and they can be used to generate electrical power.
    • Graphene oxide is heavily, heavily present in the "vaccines".
    • You may have heard of the recent death of Dr Andreas Noack, [158, 160, 161] a German researcher ... he explained that Graphene hydroxide really damages the internal system, specially the endothelium of the blood vessels.
    • In addition to Graphene oxide, there is also something called "luciferase", a bio-luminescent enzyme taken from the firefly. It is used to mark genes, in a way that it can be read by external sensors.
    • Shops use it on their products as a bar code, designed around the number "666".
    • With luciferase they are going into nano-barcoding. [490]
    • This is designed for scanning and tracking.
    • Designed also for certification of identity.
    • We are getting here into some serious "mark of the beast" technology.
    • While the "vaccine" may not be the "mark of the beast" per se, the "mark of the beast" technology will be inside you.
    • These are component parts that can actually be programmed, assembled, disassembled, reassembled, and directed externally.
    • There is also a phenomenon using luciferase called "teslaphoresis". The major work was done at Rise University.
    • There are videos on YouTube showing what teslaphoresis is. [486, 487, 488]
    • Once Luciferase is activated, it causes spontaneous assembly of gold and silver nano-wires, that are used in the production of electrical systems that generate electricity in your body, and also as a transmitting and receiving device.
    • Even if it sounds like fantasy, the existing technology supports exactly what is going on.
    • Referring back to the Graphene hydroxide nano-razor blades, mentioned by Dr Noack [158], they will cut the endothelial cells of the blood vessels, therefore causing internal bleeding. Wherever these capillaries are emaciated, it will cause trouble. If it's in the womb for a woman, will cause an irregular menstruation, or spontaneous abortions. If it's in the heart, it will cause cardio-myopathy and a number of different heart conditions. Wherever the Graphene hydroxide nano-razor blades settle, that part of the body will be destroyed.
    • However, (now turning to another topic) to get things across the blood-brain barrier, that's the role of the nano-bots. The nano-bots can be assembled into different structures, into different formations. They can be used like a vessel carry a payload. For example, if you want to carry Cordycepin, you will pack it as a cargo in a receptacle, a nano-particle, or nano-bot, and it will transport that into the brain, for whatever purpose they wanted to.
    • What is fascinating too, is that these nano-bots, this is nano-science, that is very, very, advanced right now, they can take different payloads, at different sites in the body, and they can be directed remotely from the outside of the body. They can also perform genetic alteration, as we're going to see a later on, when we come to another section.
    • So, I cannot stress enough: what you're being injected with, is the components of an operating system, and a communication system.
    • The next thing to discuss is the communication system.
    • They're actually putting vaccine components inside your body, that give remote wireless access to you, as a person.
    • Bio-sensors are been assembled in your body. These biosensors can transmit, and they can receive.
    • These nano-communication devices can be directed across the blood-brain barrier, as I mentioned, and they can connect to, and monitor the neurons of your brain cells. This is what is classically called "brain-computer interface".
    • There was a gentleman called Charles Lieber, arrested in Jan 2020, the head of Biology and Chemistry at Harvard. [501] He was arrested for espionage, for assisting the Chinese in building their BSL-4 lab at Wuhan. He also trained a number of Chinese scientists in high-level virology and production of pathogens, etc.
    • But he was also an expert in nano-scale science, bio-compatible electronics, classified military neuro-science. [502] That was his main function, in fact.
    • These "vaccines" are hydrogel-mediated neuro-electric "vaccines". They are brain-to-cloud transhumanism [237, 461]; it's been promoted by them. This is life-machine symbiosis.
    • Let me drop some "woods" on you, so that your ears are not virgin to these words.
    • This is precision-electronic neuro-medicine technology. This is nano-bio-electric field-infused hybrogel delivery systems.
    • That's what's been injected into us, and they call it a "vaccine". This is not a vaccine at all. This is an injectable operations and communications system.
    • That's the content. Everything I've mentioned, we can spend three or four hours exploring, and digging information out of the patents to consolidate this.
    • What a program like the American Journal "Inforwars" is interested in, is not just the content of these patents or the content of these vaccines, but the intent. Because just as form is related to function, something is designed so that it can fulfill its purpose. So too, the content of these vaccines, betray their intent. The specific intention of why they are producing these ingredients. Why these ingredients are there. Let me just give you four functions; I'll try to elucidate on each one:

      1. It's a merging of brain function with electronics and Artificial Intelligence.
      2. It's genetic alteration and human hybridization.
      3. It's a population management and population control device. That's where they want to take us. Actually, they want a stratified society; it's a sort of "bee-hive" concept, just like bees have functions, like the worker drones, the queen bee, ... they want to stratify society in that way.
      4. Genetic and electronic A.I. trans-humanism.
    • That's where this is going. These vaccines are not about a virus. These vaccines are about bringing in global totalitarianism of a specific type. The vaccines are the tools towards an end. That's why Bill Gates, and his groups, and his partners and the World Economic Forum, they want to vaccinate every human being on the planet. It's part of the old "Economic Reset" system that they're working on.

    • Genetic alteration, this is particularly interesting: we understand that mRNA vaccines can affect your genome. Because there is something called "reverse transcription". And "reverse transcriptase" can change mRNA back into DNA. That DNA can go into a nucleus and fuse with the chromosomal DNA and affect your genome.
    • In addition to that, when the adenovirus vectors deliver the DNA payload from some of the other vaccines into your cells, a similar thing occurs. This DNA must go and fuse with your chromosomal DNA and affect your genome.
    • But what shocked me, was that even if you don't receive an mRNA vaccine, or a DNA vaccine, even if you don't receive one of another vaccines that are not gene-therapy vaccines, it is still possible to the use of nano-bots, and these are nano-particle entities, microscopic machines, it is still possible for the nanobots to be assembled and programmed to go into the nucleus of your cell, using something called "magnetofection".
    • using the magnetic fields generated by the super-para-magnetic iron oxide, they actually draw the nano-parts into the cell, they go into the nucleus, and they can actually remove and replace parts of your DNA.
  • Harrison Smith (host "The American Journal"):

    • Dr McDowell gave a presentation in Trinidad; somebody filmed it; somebody uploaded it; it went somewhat viral; somebody else re-edited it; it went major viral; we had Dr McDowell on; he has now connections all over the world because of this; they're bringing him new information; now he has the platform to spread it around. It's a "snowball"-type of effect, where this information grows, it spreads to other people, it awakens them, they spread the information to other people. This is how we combat the rest of the world in this monolithic ruthless medical tyranny. It's up to us to, and up to you, out there, to spread this information, spread this message and help to continue this chain of events that so far has yielded so much.
    • Back to Dr Michael McDowell, a few more scientific points to make, and then I've got a few questions for this bomb-shell information he has presented.
  • Dr McDowell:

    • As an eschatologist, I have followed Alex Jones Infowars platform over two decades. He has highlighted a lot of what has happened in terms of geo-politics, around the world. So Harrison, it's a joy for me to be on your platform, and I thank God for the good work, the necessary work, that you continue to do.
    • I want to let you know that the information in these vaccine patents are a new frontier.
    • We thank God again, for Dr David Martin's work, (exposing) the patents of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
    • We thank God for all the doctors teaching about the different treatment protocols.
    • And I'm very involved in creating platforms to release these doctors, like Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Paul Alexander, a number of them, to share early treatment protocols.
    • But I think that the vaccine patents are the new frontier, because this is what the manufacturers say that they have in their products. Even if they take these things down from the internet now, we have them printed and stored, so we have the information that's current. This is amazing stuff.
    • As I was saying just before the break, these nano-bots can get into the cells, they can breach the cytosol of the nuclear membrane, they can get to your DNA, and they can remove portions of the DNA and they can replace it with other DNA. That's called "gene editing", or "gene writing".
    • Even if you don't take a gene-altering vaccine, or a gene-therapy vaccine, these nano-bots can go to your nucleus and alter your genome.
    • The bottom line is that these vaccines will alter your human genome.
    • That is what threw me off, a year ago. That something biblical was happening.
    • As an eschatologist, my Bible tells me that as "the days of Noah were, so the coming of the Son of man will be" (Matthew 24:37).
    • In fact, the ante-Diluvian apostasy, was trying to transform or change the genome of every human being on the planet. Only Noah and his family remained uncontaminated on the planet.
    • So that clue me off, to research this in detail.
    • These nano-bots can change your DNA.
    • Again, merging brain function and A.I. You know we had something called the "Manhattan Project" during WW II, when the atomic bomb was produced.
    • Then we had the "Human Genome Project" (1999). Dr Craig Venter beat the government team and he mapped the entire human genome.
    • I believe what was happening I call it the "Human Connectuum Project". They're trying to map the human brain, I mean, digitize it, and load it to quantum computers. That's the level of what is going on. And they even can do now things like stimulate behaviour to remote control. Behavioural control. These vaccines contain the devices in software that connect to the outside technology. Like connecting your brain to a computer wirelessly using covert psycho-tronic advanced electromagnetic technology that can be beamed from global operation centres, and 5G towers.
    • The 5G,as Alex Jones was saying, really connects all of this.
    • What I really want to land on, and then allow you to open the flow, is the "population management and control" sector.
    • What we are entering, I call it an "age of hybrids". And I'm just running a mile-a-minute. There are seminar where I can go for three days and lay things out methodically. We are entering the "Age of Hybrids".
    • What they want to do is to stratify society, according to what I mentioned, the "bee-hive concept".
    • Let me list here what they want to do:

      1. This is a depopulation agenda. They want to exterminate a certain amount of people from the planet.
      2. It's a surveillance and monitoring agenda.
      3. It's a genetic alteration agenda.
      4. It's a behavioural control agenda.
      5. It's an enslavement agenda. (The entire population of mankind)
      6. It's a stratification of society agenda.
      7. Human Hybridization
      8. Trans-Humanism.
    • From 1: They want to exterminate billions of people, and leave a certain limited population.

    • From 2 to 6: that's to enable them to bring in totalitarian control.
    • From 8: Genetic and robotic AI transhumanism, that can even supply to those who are transformed, immortality.
    • You know they have found the eggs, and the actual creature itself Hydra vulgaris, in the vaccine vials?
    • The one thing they want from Hydra vulgaris is that it is a metazoa, and it has the ability to regenerate itself. It is literally immortal. Even if you trash it into a blender, and put it in a petri dish, it will reassemble itself. They are using its cells to try to tap into immortality. Just like the citizens in the days of Nimrod, that built the tower of Babel. (Genesis 11:4) They were trying to breach God's realm without going through God's methods.
    • I see the same thing happening: genetic and robotic transhumanism. The whole metaphysical concept is what's been pushed.
    • Tampering with the human genome, is tampering with the engines of creation.
    • There's a very powerful clip that comes from the (DARPA's) "Avatar" project. [575]
    • It is their intention to map the entire human brain, and to be able to digitize your responses.
    • Ray Kurtzwell, the head of technology at Google, is actually talking about the concept. [577] They can download your brain into a computer, so the computer can respond in such a way as the real person. They are trying to create avatars.
    • In other words, the way they are going is completely anti-Biblical. The technologies that will accomplish this are the accelerated technologies that are happening now: genetics, micro-biology, robotics, nano-technology, Artificial Intelligence. They are leaps and bounds ahead of where we are presently.
  • Harrison Smith:

    • You realise that we are in a spiritual war.
    • Immortality is what the Devil tempts you with. (Genesis 3:1-5) That was the whole promise to Adam and Eve, that he will make them immortal.
    • They are literally following a Satanic agenda, and as you pointed out, it looks an awful lot like Sodom and Gomorrah. Like the days of Noah.
    • The stratification, you tied them all together.
    • I don't have any questions. I have a lot of anger, like yourself.
    • That's the correct response right? You take in this information, you realize what they're doing, then you get angry, and you get involved, you get smart, you do the research, and you spread this message.
    • Don't give up, you don't give in.
    • They're a paper tiger trying to lure you in to a demon's dream that you can live in as some facsimile of yourself in some digital form. That's sick and wrong, but that is where all of this is heading.
    • You laid out very clearly how the vaccine is leading to that point.
    • Thank you Dr Michael McDowell.

Exposing Gain-of-Function Research

  • Del BigTree of The Highwire: [348]

    • We keep loosing YouTube channels for telling that this is man-made.
    • We won't loose time re-stating the basics. From now on, we need to start talking about a world where a man-made virus has been circulated.
    • Dr Richard Fleming, phD, MD, JD, Preventive & Nuclear Cardiologist:
    • The evidence shows that this is a man-made virus.
    • Dr Fauci lied to Rand Paul.
    • We have the patent that Ralph Baric, from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, got for "gain of function" (=chimeric) research on the spike protein, funded by the NIH: "Methods and Compositions for Chimeric Coronavirus Spike Proteins", patent WO 2015/143335 [349, 350]
    • Shi Zhengli (Wuhan Institute of Virology), Peter Daszak (EcoHealth Alliance), Ralph Baric (UNC, Chapel Hill), they got money from the Department of Defense, and the DoD provided Peter France as an advisor for Daszak at EcoHealth.
    • They also got grants from the National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Disease (NIAID), where Fauci is in charge.
    • The Acknowledgements section mentions "USAID-EPT-PREDICT", which connects NIH and the CIA.
    • "Isolation and Characterisation of a Novel Bat Coronavirus Closely Related to the Direct Progenitor of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus", Zheng-Li Shi, Peter Daszak, Journal of Virology (26 Feb 2016) [352]
    • On that paper they say: "We recently isolated a bat SL-CoV strain (WIV1) and constructed an infectious clone of another strain (SHC014); significantly, these strains are closely related to SARS-CoV and capable of using the same cellular receptor (angiotensin-converting enzyme 2, ACE2) as SARS-CoV." Funding provided to Zheng-Li Shi, Peter Daszak by HHS, NIH, under grant number NIAID R01AI110964.
    • This is more than proof that Fauci was lying to Rand Paul, under cameras for the whole world to watch.
    • In another video, Peter Daszak admits: "Coronavirus can be manipulated in the lab very easily. The spike protein you can get the sequence, build the protein, and we work with Ralph Baric, at UNC,to do this, insert into another virus and do some work in the lab".
    • This is a classic example of: "if you let someone keep talking, they will hang themselves". This is Daszak expressing boldly that he worked with Ralph Baric.
    • If you read the research papers, they changed 5 nucleotides in addition of taking the spike protein of one virus and the backbone of another. The 5th one has to do with the envelope. We know that envelope has a great deal to be able to infect the brain of people, in addition to the spike protein. They published what they changed, so we've got that evidence.
    • The first notation of a chimer (gain-of-function) dates back to 2006. When a Chinese lab combined Hepatitis-C virus, HIV-1, SARS-CoV-1, and SARS-CoV-2. The more you dig, the more you find that these people have been doing this with the express purpose of re-engineering and see what they can do.
    • And Daszak papers, Zheng-Li's paper, Baric's papers repeatedly point out that they are making well-known infectious pathogenic agents, and they are delighted with the fact.
    • In 2015, they announced they can produce a more virulent pathogenic virus that could produce a pandemic. And yet, they were still allowed to move forward with that. And during all that time, the efforts to block the research by scientists concerned about gain-of-functions, because labs at the University of Wisconsin and the Netherlands, that sent out infections agents that the receiving lab had no idea what they were getting, gave an example about how easy it is for all of this to get out.
    • This is dangerous research. You have to think about the fact that the Department of Defence (DoD), with their advisor, gave Daszak 39 million dollars. More than half of the money that I know he has received. And the DoD doesn't work with the Girl Scouts.
    • Del Bigtree:
      • We know there are many more dangerous viruses at these facilities.
      • We've heard of previous leaks at Wuhan and UNC. We have to stop this.
      • We're playing with something even more dangerous than nuclear energy. We're obsessed with nuclear weapons, and we allow these labs to build viruses that could take us out.
      • We saw a video of Dr Baric bragging about his talent to do this. He says he puts in a sequence that looks like a signature so everyone knows it comes from Baric's laboratory.
      • If the virus gets out, there is no protection against it.
    • Dr Fleming: Notice the first thing he says is that the only gain-of-function he changes is the antigenicity. That is gain-of-function. That is the shape of the protein to respond to. The antigen is the spike protein.
    • Secondly, notice how he plays with his hands. Despite being confident, he is wondering when he's going to get caught, because he has done something wrong. And then, notice he admits that you don't need to leave evidence, so it appears natural.
    • Finally, notice the horror in the expression of the interviewer.
    • Some virologist phD students say "why does he do that, because if you don't want someone to know, you wouldn't keep records of it".
    • Everything he (Baric) says, is guilt.
    • Anthony Fauci committed perjury (falsifying an affirmation to tell the truth).
    • Del BigTree: For a reason. He denies every wrongdoing like a mob boss does.
    • Dr Fleming: Do you remember what Fauci said about international travel, in the Spring of 2020, when a decision was being made on whether to shut down international travel? He said no. He's in charge of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID). In 2007, the National Science Foundation conducted a study, paid for by US tax payers, Indiana University, Italian researchers, and French researchers. The purpose of the study was to say, "if we have a pandemic, what do you do?". And the conclusion was to immediately shut down international travel. So the head of the NIAID, who had to be aware of this study, either didn't read it, which doesn't speak well, either didn't understand it, which does speak well, or knew about it and decided not to implement it, which doesn't speak well.
    • Del BigTree: They never isolated this virus, but how quickly they isolated the spike protein.
    • Dr Fleming. The virus has been identified. You put it together like puzzle parts, because DNA and mRNA are very fragile. The spike protein has a very specific component of the mRNA. Just having the mRNA, for the spike protein in a vaccine, is not enough to sufficiently make that amount of antigen for you to get an immune response. There has to be something more in it. If you look at the data for the last three decades, there is something called self-amplifying mRNA, which is how they do that. They take the target, in this case, the spike protein genetic information, and they take the earlier part of the genetic sequence that codes for "replicase", or "repeating" enzyme, and those go together in the actual "vaccines", to get it to replicate more, and more, of the spike protein. That how we know they have PRIA inserts in them, because they don't exist in any other coronavirus. That's how we know they have HIV glycoprotein 120, which is not in any other coronavirus. And that's how the change in the structure of the molecular spike protein produce the original Prion-like domain at the top of it where it attaches to the ACE2 receptor, called the "binding domain".
    • But remember, SARS-CoV-2 was being worked on in 2006. It's new to us, but not to them. It's being combined with SARS-CoV-1, and Hepatitis-C virus, back in 2006. The Chinese were doing that.
    • Why do we fund a group of people that were already playing around with this, and give them more money to do it?
    • Neither side has clean hands. Both sides are blood guilty.
    • on you will find documentation. You'll find over 60 published papers. It is the result of scientific research on these components. Download and read those papers.
    • Look at the Spike protein for answers related to gain-of-function.
    • The Spike protein is what makes it possible for SARS-CoV-2 to attach to and infect human cells. This Spike protein has three unique regions not found in other corona viruses:
      • An HIV pseudovirus glycoprotein 120: Shi Zhengli admitted to inserting this into the Spike protein to increase the infectivity. Her papers are on that web site.
      • A proline-Arginine-Arginine-Alanine Insert.
      • A Prion-like domain at the receptor binding site (RBS)

(transcription in progress)

Summary of the US Laws been violated

  • The CDC's unconstitutional patents
  • Funding and Conspiring to Commit Acts of Terror
  • Acts of Domestic Terrorism resulting in death of American (and world) citizens
  • Lying to Congress
  • Conspiring to Criminal Commercial Activity
  • Market Manipulation and Allocation
  • Interlocking directorates
  • Disclosure of Government Interest
  • Illegal Clinical Trial
  • The vaccines are contaminated with Graphene Oxide


  • From all of the above, it can be deduced that the COVID-19 mRNA injections are NOT "vaccines" designed to protect your health.
  • They are not “vaccines”, but nano-technological devices disguised as "genetic therapies".
  • They are bioweapons, biological and nano-technological weapons, part of a worldwide genocidal plan, crimes against humanity.
  • Their purpose is to reduce the world’s population by force, causing slow body degeneration and deaths that are difficult to trace back to the injections, and to enslave the remnant population. [21, 43, 44, 212]
  • Grand Jury prosecution against the perpetrators of this genocide has begun. [458]