A Message of Condemnation to the Global Elites

Transcription of a recent speech by Bishop Emmanuel from the Australian Orthodox church (Dec 13th 2021): [292]

  • Today, some little tiny number of people want to enslave the entire human race. They think they are big, but open your eyes, and your ears, you little lost souls, you Satanic worshippers. Wake up to yourselves before it’s too late. Because there is a fire coming down from heaven and it will devour you, one by one; one by one.

  • You choose to be big. God will make you small and nothing. You choose to enslave your brother. God will make sure you are a slave in the end.

  • And you will be a slave to Satan because Satan has, so far and so deep, blinded your spirit, your soul, your mind, your eyes that you cannot tell the right from the left, the good from the bad, and the light from darkness, you blind, so weak little people.

  • So-called secret societies. I feel sorry for you. I honestly do. A few think you are a Christian politician and you know very well what is happening is nothing but deliberate evil action. By the secret societies. Yet, you’re going ahead with it. And you are endorsing it. And you are implementing it, and you are forcing it. You are bringing more force, police force, army, to make sure that these areas adhere to the lockdowns, then you are a traitor and you are Judas Iscariot, because you sold your master Jesus. You sold him.

  • And if you think that, in the position that you are occupying, you cannot do anything because there are so much force that is forcing you to do what you need to do, and you look around and you say I can’t change anything, I can’t change nothing.

  • I will accept that you are a true Christian if you resign from that position.

  • The day that comes a human being enslaves another human being for his own personal selfish intensions and benefits. That day does not exist in the eyes of the Almighty God.

  • Selfish leaders, selfish generation, selfish 21st century. Selfish, you will destroy yourselves by yourselves.

  • What does it benefit a man if he gains the whole world yet at the end looses himself.

  • So what if you are a prime minister, a president, a king, a church leader. Stop enslaving people!

  • And enough lies. Enough lockdowns. This is slavery.

  • Your so-called PCR testing kits are a fraud. Your statistics are a fraud. The WHO is a fraud. And Anthony Fauci is a fraud.

  • Let Bill Gates jab himself with it. Let the Rockefellers jab themselves with it. Let the Rothschilds jab themselves with it. Let Klaus Schwab jab himself with it. Let George Soros jab himself with it. Enough stupidity! Shame on such generation. Shame.

  • If you do not come back from this evil deed, you will not find mercy in the end.

  • Is there still conscience living in people? Is there? Is there somebody that has a conscience or have you all killed it? My goodness!

  • How are we going to escape the wrath of God when we have killed so many innocent people. When we have destroyed so many families.

  • You secret societies, you will not escape the wrath of God. Oh my goodness!

  • What will happen to you and your families? Do you think you can pickle families and preserve your own families? You are mistaken, Satan has made fun of you.