Dr Yeadon - The Covid Lies
Dr Mike Yeadon, The Covid Lies (Apr 12 2022)
Grand Jury Document
Grand Jury Revealing the Agenda for World Domination (May 16 2022)
Dr Peter Breggin
Dr Peter R Breggin: COVID-19 & Public Health Totalitarianism (Aug 30 2021)
DJ Sorensen, Dr Zelenko: The Vaccine Death Report (Sep 2021)
Global Report
There's No Deadly Pandemic - Global Report (Oct 13 2020)

On the Criminality of Covid-19

  • Grand Jury Revealing the Agenda for World Domination (May 16 2022) [797]
  • "The Vaccine Death Report", Dr David John Sorensen & Dr Vladimir Zelenko (Sep 2021) [482]
  • Dr Peter R Breggin: COVID-19 & Public Health Totalitarianism: Untoward Effects on Individuals, Institutions and Society (Aug 30 2021) [789]
  • World Doctors Alliance: "There is No Deadly Pandemic" (Sep 2020) [879]
  • French Army Investigative Report on Covid-19 (Aug 27 2020) [877]
  • Dr David Martin: The Fauci/Covid-19 Dossier [878]
  • Harrison Publications: Covid-19 Pandemic Profit Fallout (Apr 21 2020) [880]
  • Concerned Lawyers Network: a ZIP file with a wealth of information about the crimes of the "pandemic". [881]
  • International Criminal Court Complaint: Fauci, Gates, UK officials accused of crimes against humanity (Dec 16 2021) [339]
  • “The Criminal Conspiracy of Coronavirus”, Accusing Fauci, Azar, Daszak, Baric, FDA, CDC, NIAID, Moderna, Pfizer. [266]

On the Dangers of 5G Technology and It's Relationship to Covid-19

  • 5G Causes Coronaviruses [882]
  • Bio Initiative Report - Scientific studies provide evidence of adverse health effects from low strength electromagnetic radiation. [883]

On the Ineffectiveness of Masks

  • Stanford Study on Masks [884]
  • Dr Dennis Rancourt Reviews Scientific Literature on Masks [885]
  • Dr Dennis Rancourt Reviews Scientific Literature Showing that Masks Cause Serious Harm [886]
  • Dr John Hardie Shows that Masks Increase the Risk of Infection [887]
  • Bacterial Pneumonia from Masks Are No 1 Cause of Death [888]

On the Crime of Lockdowns

  • American Institute for Economic Research: lockdowns do not stop the spread of the coronavirus. [889]
  • Stanford University Study on Lockdowns [890]
  • American Frontline Doctors: On the Harmful Effects of Lockdowns [891]
  • Letter from 500+ Medical Doctors: Lockdowns Destroy the Lives of Millions of People [892]

On the Fraud of PCR Tests

  • Drosten Retraction Paper: PCR Test Produces High Percentage of False Positives. [893]
  • Point of Care Serology Tests: Dutch study shows no current test determines person is infected. [894]

The Cures - Scientific Evidence

  • Hydroxycholoquine: Safe Effective Medicine for Covid-19. [895]
  • Budesonide: Dr Richard Barlett, 100% effective cure for 500+ patients [896]
  • Ivermectin: Study by ten medical experts shows evidence it prevents and cures Covid-19. [897]
  • Chlorine Dioxide: Dr Andreas Kalcker proved it was effective with patients in Bolivia. [898]